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WWE hints Women’s Tag Team Championship: The Bella twins to return and face Iconics!

New Tag Team Championship for Women, Nikki and Brie to return, Bella Twins vs Iconics for Summerslam.

WWE just revealed big plans as hints. One being a huge Summerslam match and the next one being a new title – Women’s Tag Team Championship.

For the past couple of years, WWE has been favoring the Women’s division, naming it as the Women’s Revolution. We also had a Rumble match and an Elimination Chamber match as new two historical chapter for the Women’s Revolution. Anything, but at Greatest Royal Rumble there won’t be a single women’s match as Saudi Arabia doesn’t permit, as women need to cover their forehead and some kind of cultural rules.

With that being said WWE posted a tweet which redirects to an official post at The tweet posted by WWE:

Paige is the current General Manager of Smackdown Live and the article featured “Five controversial decisions we’d like to see Paige make as SmackDown LIVE General Manager”. That featured some interesting things like:

1. Create new Women’s Tag Team Titles.
2. Bring back Talking Smack show.
3. NXT Superstars to compete on a given week.
4. A championship that is defended every day on Smackdown Live.
5. Bring back more surprise WWE Alumni to keep the WWE Universe guessing.

Among the five, the one that has the highest possibility of occurrence is the first thing that has been listed out. Paige can possibly bring a new Championship belt, which will be exclusive for Women’s division.

WWE established the Tag Titles back in 2002 and till now we have seen it on crowds of teams. WWE establishing new Women’s Tag Team Championship, which will be credited to Paige, can be a wild move in the game. WWE can eventually have more matches and feuds from the Women’s Division.

Nikki Bella & Brie Bella

The Bella Twins lastly showed up at Women’s Royal Rumble 2018. Ever since the day, we only heard that Nikki Bella and John Cena breaking apart and ending their 6-year old relationship.

Both of these superstars are about to return, according to what I have analyzed. When WWE tweeted, The Bella Twins quote retweeted it as:

Which comes to an analysis. Smackdown Live has The Absolution, The Iconics (The Iconic Duos), Charlotte and Becky plus Tamina and Lana. On the other hand, RAW only has Riott Squad and Mickie & Alexa. Which is obvious that this championship will be co-branded. WWE has also featured the superstars in a cover video featuring the co-brand idea.

Another possibility will be Nikki Bella & Brie Bella joining Raw as a tag-team. This would be ideal and the WWE Universal will be happy to see two super hot ladies back in the ring.

This will result in few pretty good matches and many top-notch title runs.


WWE just revealed their master plan. The Iconic Duo ( renamed as Iconics) made their main roster debut by costing Charlotte her title. Likewise in the tweet of The Bella Twins the ended the tweet with, “ICONIC..”. And Peyton Royce replied below:

Peyton Royce and Billie Kay to teach Nikki Bella and Brie Bella something? I smell this WWE. The Iconics vs The Bella Twins, which will be my pick and that will be WWE’s plan too, to start things off in a ICONBELLIC way.

But this won’t be any soon, we would have to wait for Summerslam 2018. WWE is taking this further (Women’s Revolution) and let’s see what is this up for.


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