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WWE Slaps the Critics and Match Predictors – Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar Wrestlemania 34 Match Recap

Brock retained at Wrestlemania 34

Highly speculated match between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns ended nothing but unpredictable. Brock vs Roman Reigns started out as the main event and the final match of the night.

Brock Lesnar clearing the house and delivering 3 German Suplex at the start of the match followed by 2 Superman Punches from Roman Reigns. What happened later was exactly the Wrestlemania 31 main event scene but in an upgraded different way.

Roman would go off and Spear Brock through a table and followed him with two spears consecutively but was not able to defeat Lesnar. Brock Lesnar then started off his attack by delivering an F-5 through the announce table! Roman tried to hit a spear but Lesnar blocked it using his knee.

What happened after this was the show off of The Beast! Brock would deliver 5 massive F-5, but yet Roman kicks them out and survives. Brock Lesnar carried himself into this match correctly and connected the “it” factor of the match.

Lesnar removes the gloves form the hands and continues to attack Roman just what he did to Randy Orton and Roman Reigns is busted open. Unlike Orton, the match didn’t end there. Reigns would go off and try to fight the beast in the bloody situation and he was bleeding with his face being a total mess.

 Roman Reigns had his face masked with blood

Reigns can’t stay up to his feet but then realizes that he is bleeding a lot. The match was total rampage according to the point – they showed too much blood in that.

Brock Lesnar with an F-5, this one would be the 6th F-5, for Reigns who was bleeding and then The Universal Champion retains just like that. Brock retains his gold and surprisingly there are no fireworks to highlight the victory of the beast.

After a recap of what happened that night, Reigns would stand up and walk away on the ramp in an emotional way. Wrestlemania 34 goes off-air, ending it with an emotional Reigns staring at the crowd.

Author’s Call:

Wrestlemania 34 will join the list of most unpredictable Wrestlemanias of history. Yesterday night it was also featured some of the most shocking moments like the return of the Undertaker and squashing Cena. Wrestlemania 34 ends as a big hard blow to the critics and especially for match predictors. Almost, 99 % never thought Lesnar would retain his Championship!


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