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WWE Raw: Sami & Kevin Show

The WWE creative team has certainly been sitting down and discuss issues with regards to bookings etc. It has only been two weeks since the shake-up, things are indeed looking great for the red brand.

Having Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens on board was truly a bold move by the WWE. Having no Cena all of the time leaves a void when it comes to mic skills and these two got great skills.

The show certainly does not replace the Highlight Reel done by Chris Jericho or the Miz TV. It has only had its first airing and it was great, one would say that the booking of the heelish persona of the two would hurt their credibility. But its exactly the opposite. Sami and Kevin portray what WWE fans should know and that’s what made outer superstars great and that is, it’s not only about titles, it’s about character and enjoying what you do!

If you look and these two men you would see happiness and fun and I can say they love being together. Great booking by the WWE is actually looking forward to more of the Sami and Kevin show.


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