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WWE Raw 19/03 Results – Lesnar returns, Ultimate Deletion & more

RAW 19/03 – Lesnar returns, Ultimate Deletion & More

raw 19/03

With just 3 weeks left for Wrestlemania 34, this particular RAW has to feature some intense action. Unfortunately, the main event was not that great. But here is what happened in short.

Start – Lesnar Returns & Asuka vs Alexa Bliss

brock lesnar returns raw 19/03

The RAW episode of 19/03 started with Roman Reigns being on the show even though he is temporarily suspended is a great storyline. Roman Reigns was handcuffed by security guards and later Brock Lesnar enters the ring and beats the hell out of Roman Reigns.

Author’s note: It is good to see Brock Lesnar back and doing the great part of the storyline. This is a great build than the lame main event build that WWE structured at Wrestlemania 31.

Next segment is clearly for the RAW Women’s Championship match at Wrestlemania 34. As rumored Nia Jax interferes and Kurt Angle announces that Nia Jax will face Alexa Bliss for the RAW Women’s Championship at Wrestlemania 34.

Author’s note: Not sure what’s next for Mickie James.

— Starting Rating – 2.5/5

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Middle – Kane Chokeslams John Cena & Intercontinental Championship Picture Hits Up:

This is where things get wild. The middle part of RAW this week started with Bayley & Sasha Banks vs The Absolution.

Authors note: Again the rumors are true, possibly we will see Bayley take on Sasha Banks at Wrestlemania 34.

Next, we have John Cena coming in and delivering the best promo that he has delivered these past weeks. He accuses The Undertaker of not answering his questions and challenge. Surprisingly, Kane returns and hits a chokeslam to John Cena. It is then announced that Kane will take on John Cena next week on RAW.

Authors note: I am quite sure that The Undertaker may return next week.

The middle part of the show ends with a 6 man tag team match featuring the Miztourage and The Balor Club. Balor scores the pin fair and square but before he can celebrate the Miztourage start beating him, Gallows and Anderson down as they usually do. Seth Rollins, who was with the announcers came out and helped Balor get over the Miztourage.

— Middle Rating – 2/5


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End – The Ultimate Deletion & Ronda Rousey

Image result for the ultimate deletion

Author’s Note: I am not happy about Ronda Rousey not showing up live on RAW. But I am pretty happy that WWE has made the promo look stunning. The story of Rondy Rousey was clearly explained in that particular promo.

The Ultimate Deletion is the main event of RAW as expected. Nothing much to say about this as this is surely the high copy of The House of Horrors. I have seen this type of match of Matt Hardy back when he was in TNA.

I can’t say the match was lackluster but it was not the best either. It had some worth mentioning moments like Jeff Hardy playing a surprise role, Bray Wyatt going through some flashbacks and with mentioning is the amazing graphics and how the scene ended with a cinematic feel. But hey, this is wrestling, not Hollywood.

— End Rating – 2/5

Total – 2/5

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Authors conclusion: That was what we got with just 3 weeks away from Wrestlemania 34. I can’t say that the start was lame, but the ending was childish. We have to wait and see what WWE will have in store for us next week.




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