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WWE Power Rankings Revealed: No Roman Reigns this time (15/04/2018)

With hours left for RAW which will feature the superstar shakeup. WWE released a video revealing the top 10 list / the Power Rankings for this year. They usually do it after Wrestlemania and this year there was a little bit of delay. Maybe they were busy think whether to have Roman on the list or not. Yes, Roman Reigns is not on the list.
Here are the Power Rankings.

10. Bludgeon Brothers.

Eric Rowan and Luke Harper, called as the Bludgeon brothers defeated The Usos and The New Day at Wrestlemania to become the new SD Tag Team Champions. This match was short just after The Undertaker vs. John Cena.

The Bludgeon brothers squashed these teams at Fastlane 2018 and at Wrestlemania, this remained the same. WWE ranked them at #10.

09. Carmella.

Carmella didn’t have any Wrestlemania moments but she cashed in Charlotte the Smackdown Live after Wrestlemania. Carmella is currently the SD Women’s Champion and she was the longest to hold a Money in the Bank briefcase.

The princess of Staten Island defeated Charlotte Flair after the deceitful attack from the debuting Iconic Duo. No matter what, Carmella defeated the wrestler who ended the streak of Asuka. Because of this, she is ranked #9 in the Power Rankings.

08. Ronda Rousey.

Ronda Rousey made a pretty impressive debut at the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania. Going toe-to-toe with Triple H and delivering a stamina pack performance throughout the match isn’t a joke. I would say she was the one and only reason why that match was the match of the night.

WWE had a pretty good business with her and she is ranked in at #8 on the Power Rankings.

07. Daniel Bryan.

Wrestlemania 34 also featured Daniel Bryan’s comeback story. I loved to see him performing that great after 2 years of ring rust.

After returning to the ring, Paige was made the general manager of Smackdown Live. WWE ranked Daniel Bryan at #7 on the Power Rankings.

06. Nia Jax

Nia Jax is the current Raw Women’s Champion. She defeated Alexa Bliss at Wrestlemania. This should have been a squash but WWE made Alexa Bliss a little bit stronger.

She also teamed up with debuting Ember Moon last week on Raw. Nia Jax makes it up for #06 on the Power Rankings board.

05. Braun Strowman.

After being the monster among men, Braun is still on #5. Braun Strowman had great dominating matches last year. Ambulance match with Roman Reigns, Last Man Standing match and even he eliminated 5 superstars at Elimination Chamber 2018 making a history there!

Woefully, WWE didn’t use his Wrestlemania moment correctly. Completely made him pick a random kid and breaking his character at the Wrestlemania moment eventually. Braun has relinquished his title, but yet the monster makes it up for #5. Perfect middle on the Power Rankings sector.

04. Charlotte Flair

Charlotte ended the undefeated streak of Asuka at Wrestlemania. Carmella cashed in on her and took the title from her shoulders.

Defeating someone like Charlotte, making her tap out, isn’t a joke. Even though, you know she made so many histories. Like participating in the first ever Women’s Hell in a Cell match, Last Divas Champion, First ever Women’s Champion and more. Completely worth it, #04 on the board!

03. Seth Rollins.

The new Grandslam Champion is on the list. Seth Rollins had a pretty good start this year, defeating John Cena and Roman Reigns on the same night to winning the Intercontinental Championship at Wrestlemania.

Rollins won his first World title by pinning Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 31. One of my favorite and agile wrestler of recent time makes it up for #3.

02. AJ Styles.

Here comes the face that runs the place. AJ Styles has made a huge impact on WWE since the debut at Royal Rumble 2016. I know they spoilt the dream match, but the match had its moments.

AJ Styles had pretty good matches last year, facing Finn Balor, having a classic with John Cena to facing the beast. But the thing is he lost them all, thanks to WWE’s booking. Styles is one of the healthiest and greatest in-ring performers for WWE as of now. AJ Styles is ranked #2 in the Power Rankings.

01. Brock Lesnar

No wonder why he is ranked #1 in the Power Rankings. The fact is he only wrestled few couples of matches so far. Brock Lesnar defeated Goldberg to win the Universal Championship at Wrestlemania 33 and still, no one was able to take the title from him. Which makes him great according to the script.

Author’s thought: Brock Lesnar is truly a lazy part-timer. He made me love and be the fan of Roman Reigns. I am honest here! I literally cried at Wrestlemania 34 main event. I don’t care about the critics – I loved the match!

Brock Lesnar is the longest (and even the current) Universal Champion, defeated Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 34. This may be the only reason why he is ranked #1 in the Power Rankings.

Here is the call…

Roman Reigns is not included in the Power Rankings. After all, he is a full-time wrestler and had great matches throughout 2017, this will be the primary reason why I was not wondering why John Cena is included here. They must have added Roman Reigns to the list.

You can no longer say they push Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns is currently what WWE has as the best. I love him and they should’ve added him in the Power Rankings.


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