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WWE News: WrestleMania 34 Update – Raw Before Wrestlemania 34

The Big Event – WrestleMania

The biggest show of the year is almost upon us as we speak, it has many WWE fans excited because it is, WrestleMania!

Unfortunately, this years’ WrestleMania is not mainly based on the attendance of spectators but by those that are at home watching from a line cable either YouTube, Facebook, or simply a channel.

The WWE is mainly focused on the viewership on that day, my mind tells me it’s going to be epic and big. The matches that are being booked are set to draw in all types of WWE fans, either from the Golden Era of WWE to the Ruthless Aggression and the Latter Eras as well, whether you enjoyed watching The Undertaker tombstone Randy Orton or John Cena give an AA(Attitude Adjustment) TO Randy Orton.

Here are my takes on WrestleMania:

All is Set….

The matches are being booked, plenty of feuds and quite a few matches will keep the card strong but let’s focus on the match that will highlight the show, I will just ask a simple question, ‘Are you going to Suplex City or are you going to stay in the yard?’. Whichever way you prefer, its all set!

Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns will the main event the Show of Shows. We shouldn’t be surprised though because this match was booked regardless of all the talks but the good side of is that Roman has a bit more of experience on his side this time around so we should be expecting a Match of The Year contender here.

John Cena vs. The Undertaker….

This match will simply be about drawing in views, it is a dream match and in fact a match of a lifetime a bit similar to The Rock vs. John Cena match.

Both of these Superstars started their careers in different eras of course, both drawing in different types of fans. John Cena having reached the panicle of his life being tossed around as a free agent in the name of facing as many Superstars as possible before his retirement, the latter having nothing to lose at all after 6 decades of wrestling, this match with Cena would be nothing but an achievement. We shouldn’t be surprised if both of this man agreed to have this match!

Folks that’s it for now. Have a great day.

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