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Top 5 WWE Moves that Should Return Soon


WWE is full of technical moves and guess what, No Moves = No Wrestling! We all have that moves that we like to watch again and again and again when watching previous videos. There are even other moves that disappeared in WWE without a trace.

This is My Top 5 Moves I Wanna See Returning to the Ring

5. Van-Daminator

No one really graced the WWE ring like Rob Van Dam. But his innovations were beyond spectacular. Like who’d have the Audacity to throw a chair up in The Air and Kick it in your Face?Guess What I Got 3 Letters For You. R-V-D. I just wish to see the move with its innovator or other athletic gifted wrestler performing it world class.

4. Three Amigos

Yes, Eddie Guerrero was another Great Legend the business WWE lost. But Hey!, why aren’t we seeing another Mexican Wrestler keeping The Latino Legacy going? We should see those three consecutive rolling suplexes even if it’s for just One Night.

3. Triple Jump Moonsault

If you don’t know this move you weren’t a wrestling fan. Sabu was one of the athletes whom I missed out due to being too young while he was performing but I wish I could see him springing off the chair to the rope and. Back again to the chair and landing on his opponent though he wasn’t always lucky enough to connect successfully. I liked seeing him do it while browsing through old WWE videos on YouTube.

2. Con-Chair-To

E&C one of the founding members of TLC and one of the best around, yes, I know the concussion issue won’t allow the move to be utilized but hey! It’s just a wish. I just wanna see those chairs sandwiching an opponent’s head, that would be freaking awesome!

1. 5 Star Frogsplash

I know I know it’s weird putting this move on number one but ey! Rob Van Dam did the frog splash better than everyone like he does it irrespective of where the opponent is positioned and how is positioned. He could change position/direction mid-air and could jump furthest hence I put the move number one. Who would’ve thought such a simple move could be performed so stupendously

That’s it folks My Top 5 Moves I so desperately wanna see even if it’s just for one night. Which WWE moves you wanna see again? Let me know in the comments section.



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