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WWE Greatest Royal Rumble: Great Khali to be included in 50 man Rumble

Things are getting a better build right now. Superstar Shakeup was super dope, I just loved. Almost every matches have been announced for Greatest Royal Rumble and that’s being built. Greatest Royal Rumble is around the corner and we found something interesting, this can also be a sneak peak of Greatest Royal Rumble.

I was just scrolling through Instagram and I found out this particular post. I felt that this is worth sharing, you can see the post below:

great khali to be added on greatest royal rumble

I am not sure whether this was fan made or this poster is one among the official ones. I took my time and scrolled through the tweets from WWE, but couldn’t find anything related to it. This can be also like WWE tweeted something and they deleted it, in order to protect the hype.

Great Khali interfered last year in a Punjabi Prison match between Jinder Mahal and Randy Orton, costing Randy Orton the title. If he made a return at the Greatest Royal Rumble this will be a pop for sure. The Punjabi Playboy must return and do some stuff with his colleague Jinder Mahal and work something out of it. Or else he should focus on the big announced names Big Show, Kane and more.

Furthermore, Jeff Hardy defeated Jinder Mahal and Jeff is currently the United States Champion. WWE made it official that Jeff Hardy will face Jinder Mahal in a rematch at Greatest Royal Rumble event at Saudi Arabia.


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