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WWE Greatest Royal Rumble: 10 Surprising entries [REVELAED]

Tomorrow its Rusev dayyyy and on Rusev day WWE has planned a special live show which certainly seems to be an unofficial PPV. We’re on the doorstep of Greatest Royal Rumble. Tomorrow we’ll knock on it gently and in return get lots of memories. The biggest draw of GRR is Greatest (50 Men) Royal Rumble Match. If we look at the history of Royal Rumble matches, the biggest element is Surprise. Royal Rumble is known for shocking Returns and debuts of Potential superstars alongside some NXT call-ups.

Today I’ll give you a treat of 5 Possible returns/Debuts and 5 Fantasy, dream returns and Debuts…

We’ll go like this.
1. Possible Return/Debut…
1. Possible Dream return/Debut…

Here we go…

1. The Big Show (PR)

What I remember is Braun Strowman putting Big Show through the steel cage legitimately injuring him. Actually, the Big show needed a hip surgery for which he had to be scripted off TV for a long period of time.

He returned to Hall of Fame to induct his off-screen friend and on-screen Rival Mark Henry. Now Stage is ready, 50 men Rumble is awaiting. The big show is on his way to being the part of history by competing at Greatest Royal Rumble Match.

You can imagine the scenario where Big Show, Braun Strowman, and Mark Henry will be present in the same ring…

1. Rob Van Dam (PDR)

WWE 2k17 game marked the in-ring return of Bill Goldberg. Since RVD has been said to be on the 2k18 roster, his in-ring return has taken a heat. RVD has lived up his larger than life persona in ECW and WWE. Now RVD is working quite well in Independent circuit. RVD can make a surprise return at GRR as he made at Rumble 2009. Master of 5 Star Splash would like to close out his career with one last run at WWE.

Mr. Monday Night Raw can make a long lasting impact on WWE Universe during his last turn…

2. The Great Khali (PR)

Punjabi Playboy is returning to WWE not sure if it’s for a single night or for the last run. Gigantic Superstar made a name for himself by debuting against The Undertaker and defeating him in the process. End of his run with WWE was not like he thought, it would be but he had played his part. Now It’s time for 4 giants to collide. Braun Strowman, Big Show, Mark Henry and The Great Khali. Destruction at its best.

We saw Khali returning at WWE Battleground 2017 and he’ll be returning at GRR…

2. Kenny Omega (PDR)

Finn Balor AJ Styles and Omega all three have served as Leader of Bullet Club. If Balor and Aj Styles could make it to the WWE then Why not Omega? Omega has been considered as one of the world’s best wrestlers. AJ Styles debuted at Rumble 2016 so we can assume Omega being Signed by WWE and debuting at GRR. He is the biggest wrestler in the world not to have signed a contract with WWE.

His match against Jericho at Wrestlekingdome 12 had given us glimmers of hope that Omega will join WWE someday. Weeks before Roman Reigns tweeted a thread and Omega reply it raising eyebrows of many Wrestling experts.

3. Rey Mysterio (PR)

Rey Mysterio shocked the world with his entry in Rumble 18. We thought Mysterio has returned to WWE for the last run bt all went in vain as He didn’t sign a full-time deal with WWE. Now GRR can see the return of bookaya 619 for one more time.

Rey Mysterio can be there performing 619s on random fellow Wrestlers. Rey Mysterio can light up the crowd and give some “This is Awesome” moments.

3. Marty Scrull (PDD)

Like fellow Bullet Club member Kenny Omega, Marty has certain possibilities to debut at GRR. If WWE manages to sign him in a case to make GRR most talked about the match.

Scrull once had said in his interview that ends up signing a contract with WWE is his Childhood dream. In a recent interview, he said that he likes Vince’s mind and has a belief that Vince will let him do his character justice. So we can assume him getting on board to Jeddah.

4. Ricochet (PD)

A 5-star match at NXT takeover New Orleans was a show of talent WWE has right now. Ricochet is one of the exceptional high flying wrestlers of this business and he deserves a call-up from Main Roster.

GRR would be the best stage for Promotion of Ricochet. Ricochet has lots to prove as of now. We have faith in him and he’ll prove us right over the course of time.

4. Jey Lethal (PDD)

One of the most decorated wrestler to have never wrestled for WWE. Lethal’s run in 2018 for WWE is all that fans want to happen. Even Samoa Joe wants Lethal to be signed by Company.

Jey Lethal coming to Jeddah Entering Royal Rumble could be a Better scenario for WWE’s fundraising from the event.

5. Batista (PR)

Batista has talked about his wish to be back and Fight Hunter one more time a few months ago. It’s time to fulfill his wish. Greatest Royal Rumble could be the Best platform for WWE to put Batista in Limelight.

Batista may not be on The Rocks level but he can give the fundraising reasons for fans. Batista’s movie Infinity War is scheduled to release tomorrow. Guess the thing all shows of Infinity war has been house full and Batista rocking Jeddah at the same time. We hope this to happen.

5. CM Punk (PDR)

Since his departure from WWE after Rumble 2014 he’s been on all possible returns list. If you’re trying to create something similitude, you must give one spot to CM Punk. Probably this won’t happen but it would ever be awesome.

Punk and WWE still got some mess in between them but Vince Mcmahon is the guy we believe in. Vince can do anything he has made many impossible things come alive. This is one of Those, Punk returning to WWE. Punk is involved in a lawsuit because of things he has spit out of his chest on Colt Cabana Podcast.

The breakup was too messy that Punks return went straight to cloudscape. Maybe this won’t come real at GRR bt if anyhow happens, Jeddah will burst of Shocks.

These were some of Possible and Fantasy returns we want or we’ll see at Greatest Royal Rumble. Hope you like it.

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