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Wretslemania 34: Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar Match Breakdown

How will Brock be defeated?

Seeing now that Dana White has confirmed that Brock Lesnar will indeed be returning to the UFC once more, it leaves the WWE Universe puzzled as to how the match will go down. The beast is set to return to the octagon and get his hands messy, where does that leave the WWE creative team?

How will reigns beat him? Funny now because we know for sure who will win as always its RAW (roman always wins). Brock has brought himself back in a similar situation he did at WrestleMania 20, where he and Goldberg were set to have a match and then leave afterward, the fans didn’t respond to well on that one, but what’s different about this situation? The match itself!

1. Brock beats Reigns and relinquishes his title

We could have a traditional pinfall or submission match and have Brock beat the crap out of roman and retaining his title. That would make logical sense, Lesnar could leave a message to the WWE universe!

2. Interference

We could have an interference in the match, Samoa Joe is not booked for any match at mania he could get involved, superkick roman! Then Brock tries to F5 Joe but Joe gets down and Samoan drops him on the canvas, then superman punch to Joe by Roman, then roman delivers another one to Brock and spears him, therefore, winning the match…by the way, all this will happen whilst the ref is knocked out!

3. The match ends in a draw

Both men are more than capable of pulling off a 5 star match seeing that they are well experienced and this won’t be the first time they fight anyway, both Roman and Brock could rub out of moves to use, tire themselves out eventually a spear through the barricade.

Maybe even an F5 on the announce table gets both men knocked out till the ref 10 counts and the match results in a draw

4. Roman pins Brock

WWE can pull the move or maybe it’s the move they are going to pull off, have Roman pin Brock Lesnar after 20 spears sound fair after all Brock is a beast, the critics will buzz all over the internet, but at the end of the day it will be what it is! And that’s Roman pinned, Brock.

After all am expecting these two men to produce a match that is worth watching, cause this is more like a test for the WWE creative team. How would they book someone that’s leaving? How would they do it as to not hurt his credibility? Well, let’s wait and see as Wrestlemania is only a few hours away!


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