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“Wrestling is Scripted” – Ronda Rousey Breaks Kayfabe


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The Ellen Show recently featured MMA fighter, Ronda Rousey in an interview. Ronda Rousey is one of the trending names in Pro Wrestling Circle recently because of WWE and she will be live at Wrestlemania 34 competing against two WWE management (authority) members! The problem is not with the interview, but it is cringe that Ronda Rousey mentioned that ” WWE (PRO WRESTLING) is scripted, I just got slapped on my face and that’s for real, there’s no way to fake that. I have been…. but WWE is like a fake team working together to make it great.

She mentioned that it’s not fake fighting and she also mentioned that everything is choreographed before the match and stated why she was not in included in the Royal Rumble. The interview also featured some of the personal live attributes of Ronda Rousey, like she is having her own farm.

She was asked ” Will you ever go to UFC again ” and the reply Ronda gave was ” She was happy what she is doing at WWE “. The video featuring the interview was 6 mins long and featured the most important things that people like to hear from Ronda Rousey.

” I am excited about that, but am nervous… I am excited about that but I look stupid., but I am really looking forward to it” Ronda Rousey stated this. The interview was fun and engaging and Ronda is crystal clear without hiding certain things. At the end of the interview, there was a short promotion promoting Wrestlemania 34 featuring Ronda Rousey’s WWE debut match.

Also Ronda Rousey missed yesterday’s Moday Night Raw after WWE promised that she will be there for every RAW following the Road to Wrestlemania. This can be because she stated that WWE is scripted and broke the kayfabe by stating “I look stupid”. Not sure, how WWE is going to react to this statement and cringe behavior of Ronda Rousey but I’m sure that they won’t screw things up as Wrestlemania is on its way.

You can watch the video below this post, make sure to comment below. What do you think of this action and statements by Ronday Rousey!



There is no doubt that people know WWE is scripted. They even get critisised for it. ONE OF THE NEWEST Members to The Roster is just trying to add fuel to the flames. If she sees it scripted why does she wrestle for them. A few years ago WWE superstar Seth Rollins said ” We Entertain! We are not lying to anyone.”. So that fact should be considered before any critisim can come into play from Ronda or any other person who disrespects WWE !


Reaction 1 :

This is ok for a long time veteran in the wrestling industry to say, but in my opinion, it is NOT ok for Ronda Rousey. Her short time on camera and on the mic has been awkward at best, and I don’t think she’s earned the respect in the business to be calling out the more theatrical aspects of it. She needs to focus more on not coming off like a stupid grinning mark than revealing that it’s all a work, which everyone knows anyway. I can’t see something like this endearing her to wrestling fans, especially considering she’s only been given this gift of WWE superstar due to her previous profession, which required no need for charisma, or promos. So far she’s just come off annoying and false the in WWE, and she desperately needs an acting coach

Reaction 2:

No, stone cold sayes all the time in his podcast that both “kayfabe is dead and has been dead for awhile now” and “wrestling is fixed, not fake” (even with current WWE stars on the show and agreeing, check the Sasha Banks interview)… Also Braun strowman JUST did an interview being intelligent and having really good speaking points and very relatable. Rhonda not being able to hold kayfabe in ring was no surprise, what would be surprising is if Rhonda became believable out of nowhere. No one thinks it’s 100% real and the stars would only be hurting themselves if they tried to push it like that. The fans today want to know who these stars are outside of the ring, prime example is Rusev Day. It didn’t catch on out of nowhere and it wasn’t his in ring ability that did it, it was Rusev being himself on Total Divas that got him up and over with the fans like that. Same with the Miz, even despite being an in your face heel.

Reaction 3:

I’d have to disagree on one thing Miz has been coming around for years now, and I would say his “coming out” was on Talking Smack vs Daniel in that interview, for once I saw real true heart out of the guy.

Reaction 4:

Multiple superstars have come out and said it’s scripted, Austin, most of the people on his show, Sasha banks, etc. it’s not new information

Reaction 5:

maybe Ronda Rousey broke kayfabe, but not for Stephanie’s slap! Gotta protect that slap.



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