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Wrestlemania 34 Women’s Battle Royal Prediction

WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal Prediction

Wrestlemania 34 Women's battle royal

Wrestlemania 34 is near and WWE has announce Women’s Battle Royal this year parallel to Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. This is no doubt this could be another good match for the #Women’sRevolution. We have seen them battle in a Hell in a Cell match, Steel Cage match, Table match, Money in The Bank Ladder match, Royal Rumble match and of course most recently an Elimination Chamber match.

We will see appearances from NXT Women’s Champion Ember Moon, last years Mae Young tournament winner Kairi Sane, Naomi, Carmella etc. It will be another milestone for the Women’s Division. Each competitor will want to win the Women’s, Battle Royal at Wrestlemania 34.


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Author’s Note:

But as for my prediction, I say that Bayley will win. The relationship between The Boss and The Hugger has been really intense.

Bayley stood up for herself after Sasha Banks backstabbed her multiple times in the past. I think that it would come down to these two women, and Bayley could win. After the match, we could see either woman turn heel and it would turn their career around in a good way.

But the other women will put up a good fight in the first ever WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal match

Author’s Pick — Winner: Bayley.


Editor’s Note:

I predict and want Becky Lynch to win. Lynch has been out of the limelight ever since she lost the SmackDown LIVE Women’s Championship to Alexa Bliss in 2016. I predicted she would win the first ever Women’s Money in The Bank briefcase but we know how that all turned out – an Intergender match against James Ellsworth that was useless to say nonetheless.

This would be WWE’s chance to put Becky Lynch back in the limelight and have her win this year’s Women’s Money in The Briefcase or have her challenge Charlotte Flair for the SmackDown Live Women’s Championship. That’s if Flair is still champion by SummerSlam. The two have great chemistry together and could put on a great match if given the chance.

Editor’s Pick— Winner: Becky Lynch

That’s it. We would have to wait and see what WWE will bring up next for the Women’s Revolution!


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