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Wrestlemania 34: Stage, Set and Attendance Update (LEAKED!)

Last year, The New Day released or revealed the Wrestlemania 33’s stage design on WWE’s official YouTube Channel.

Wrestlemania is well known for its creative and unique stage and set design because Wrestlemanias take place in gigantic stadiums.

This year we have been following up some Instagram accounts related to Mercedes-Benz Superdome stadium and related to New Orleans too. By following up we have received this updated.


This year will feature explosive fireworks. Not to mention that Wrestlemanias usually feature fireworks, but according to what we have received as an update this year Wrestlemania 34 will be an exceptional one.

Explosive fireworks are always welcomed. you can check the photos that we found out.


Attendance is something that WWE is bothered about. Wrestlemania 32, which was considered as the worst Wrestlemania of modern time has the record-setting attendance because of the mammoth stadium, AT&T.

Wrestlemania XXX (Wrestlemania 30) which took place at Mercedes-Benz Superdome, which is the same arena in which this year’s Wrestlemania is taking place, was recorded as 75,167 in attendance.

The rumors suggest that this year will be another record-setting number in attendance. Considering how well the Wrestlemania is built and how WWE has promoted it.

We suggest that it would be 93,173 in attendance. This can be more or less.

Wrestlamania 34 Stage

Wrestlemania 34’s set and the stage is most anticipated because unlike last year WWE hasn’t announced an official tagline for Wrestlemania yet. Surprisingly, WWE hasn’t featured Flo Rida’s hits this year as the official theme songs.

Here are the photos which are considered to be the leaked information of Wrestlemania 34’s set.

Note this is not the finished stage. We would have to wait and what further updates that we could receive in the meantime. We will update you as soon as possible once we receive word.


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