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Six Wrestlemania 34 Shockers That Can Give You Goosebumps

Wrestlemania 34 Shockers That Can Give You Goosebumps

Wrestlemania 34 is very near and we have also started the Live Countdown. Since this is the fourth straight Wrestlemania that Roman Reigns is main-eventing, which aggravates the point why people hate the push that WWE gives Roman Reigns.

In this particular post we have updated the latest Wrestlemania shockers that can stun the world and give you some real goosebumps.

The build-up is solid, we can expect a good Wrestlemania at New Orleans if everything goes clean. Here the Top Shockers that can stun the world this year.


Rey Mysterio opens the show


Rey Mysterio entered Royal Rumble this year, OMG that god damn video got over 15 million views on YouTube. WWE takes these social signals seriously. Basically, WWE can drop the shocker by playing Rey’s music at the start of the show and the crowd will go wild for sure.

He is also considered as the one of the most wanted return, but according to the updates Rey Mysterio only returned for one night at Royal Rumble. We would have wait and watch what WWE has for Rey Mysterio at Wrestlemania 34.




Shinsuke Nakamura loses

We all know that this is the first ever Wrestlemania for Shinsuke Nakamura. Since AJ Styles lost to Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania 32, Shinsuke Nakamura can also lose his title shot at Wrestlemania.

Styles and Nakamura can battle their ass off in that match, which will be longer than 15mins according to the rumors. Shinsuke Nakamura losing the match isn’t that big issue as we only wanted to see their match. Win or Lose we want this match to main-event!

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Paul Heyman betrays Brock Lesnar

Roman Reigns will face The Beast Brock Lesnar for the second time at Wrestlemania this year. But this time around WWE has built the story-line in a different way.

This story-line is like Brock Lesnar is dishonest to what he does at WWE and Roman just wanted to end this up. There is a huge possibility of Paul Heyman betraying Brock, and be the manager of Roman because Reigns is pretty bad at the mic.

Charlotte Ends the Streak of Asuka

The fact is that Asuka has the streak which WWE has worked for so long. It is not reasonable to end it right now, but WWE can end this streak at Wrestlemania 34 probably.

If Charlotte Flair pins Asuka, that would be the huge pop of the night. I am not quite sure what WWE has planned for this match, do you know something? Lemme know in the comments section.

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Seth Rollins wins the Intercontinental Championship

The Miz is in the Intercontinental title picture since RAW after Wrestlemania 32. Miz claimed his title by defeating Roman Reigns this year at RAW 25 and he almost made it to the Wrestlemania.

On the other hand, we have Seth Freaking Rollins, who never won a title alone (excluding the tag title) since Money in the Bank 2016, well he lost it on the same night. Finn Balor Vs. Seth Rollins Vs. The Miz is a pretty good match and this time we can see Rollins walking out of the show with the Intercontinental Championship.

The Undertaker defeats John Cena

Pretty much both of the legends are very near for their retirement. Taker gave us a glimpse of his retirement last year at Wrestlemania 33.

This year around, Taker would defeat John Cena and then later announce his retirement after the match or else at RAW after Wrestlemania 34, just like Goldberg did.

I’m afraid that John Cena won’t be retiring this year, potentially he still has 1-3 years left in his career. GOOD LUCK BIG JOHN!


It is true that the above-mentioned shockers can bring you absolute goosebumps just like The Hardy Boyz gave last year. Somewhat the mentioned shockers can actually happen at Wrestlemania 34 but some may actually not.

Do you have something to say? Lemme know in the comments section.


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