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Wrestlemania 34: Ronda Rousey & Kurt Angle vs Stephanie McMahon & Triple H


So we are getting closer to the doorstep of New Orleans! The ceaseless road to WrestleMania will come to an end, at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana.

We are going to get some great WrestleMania moments ever. Whether it be The Big Dog winning Universal Championship by defeating The Beast in Carnet. Or it is The Artist beating the hell outta The Phenomenal One and emerge as the new WWE Champion.

Let it be the returning Yes! Man and Fearless McMahon punishing The Underdog from the Underground and his best friend, The Prizefighter. Let’s assume it to be the KingSlayer becoming a Grandslam Champion.

What if WrestleMania becomes RusevMania! Or will it be the Glorious One? Not to forget about the Viper. The Modern Day Maharaja is in the race too. Or it can be Carmella cashing in her MITB contract. Nia Jax beating Alexa Bliss.

The Monster Among Men having fun with his Mystery Partner(Let’s bid on it being the Big Show). And The Bludgeon Brothers winning the SmackDown LIVE Tag Team Championship!

Well these are things that we suppose are to happen at the Show of Shows in 2 days, but a moment that can(or should I say “will”?) overshadow all of those mentioned above.

It will be an iconic moment when Kurt Angle with the ankle of Hunter locked in and Rowdy Ronda arm locks the arm of Stephanie McMahon.

Both victims screaming with everything they have at that time and the Helmsley-McMahon, the Villainous Couple tap out in the center of the ring simultaneously! Would you believe it? Yeah, of course, we will believe it! Why shouldn’t we? It’s just old wine in new a polished Lustrous platinum bottle, isn’t it? I mean, before it was Daniel Bryan vs. The Authority, Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Vince McMahon, The Rock vs. McMahon.

It has always been ‘Sociopathic boss vs. Dissatisfied Employee’. The “evil” boss will utilize his power and position, the opponents may change but the storyline will always remain basic and logically silly as usual.

Whenever they realise that their talent is not ready or is fully ready for prime time, they pull out the McMahon family parachute, Linda, Shane, Stephanie, Hunter, Vince, all of them have been doing this since the Golden Era days and it’s clear they are going to do this again and again as we love to see such scenarios, as we love to support our favorite Superstars unconditionally.


I will take you through the build-up of the Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle vs. The McMahon-Helmsley feud and then we will break it down, I obviously in this article, you in your mind of course. Let us know your thoughts by commenting in the comment box.

It all started at WrestleMania 31, Hunter and Steph were busy glorifying how Hunter defeated Sting. Both were busy taking credit for WrestleMania success, and this led The Rock to enter the ring and tell the truth. Stephanie slapped The Rock in the face and yeah it was The Rock who couldn’t hit a woman, so he brought then UFC star, Ronda Rousey to his aid.

The Rock went straight to Hunter whereas Ronda taunted an armbar on Steph. Ronda later took both of them out of the ring, this was where a glimmer of hope for a potential feud was found.

Three years down the line, Ronda was rumored to compete in first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble, but she denied. Asuka won the Rumble and here we saw now-former UFC star, Ronda Rousey, probably the biggest signing by WWE!

At the Elimination Chamber PPV, during an official contract signing it was made official that Ronda will compete inside of a WWE ring for the first-time ever at the Grandest Stage of Them All, WrestleMania! Against an opponent of her choosing just as long the opponent doesn’t hold any title. Here is the game played by Kurt Angle on The Game and his wife.

Angle pulled the WrestleMania 31 scenario, warning Ronda that Hunter had signed her just to have Ronda under his thumb. As we all know WrestleMania is the stage where villains get their comeuppance just to increase its impact, so the storyline started with Angle ruining things and Ronda’s hot head resulted in putting Hunter through the table resulting in Steph slap her and assuring the storyline is on its best route.




This storyline started at the Elimination Chamber for Ronda, but it started all along from Survivors Series for Angle where Stephanie threatened him with his job and Triple H turning on Angle during the Men’s 5-on-5 match.

So obviously hatred came out of Angles’ chest and he split it out. Now since Ronda can challenge anyone for a match at WrestleMania so she did it with proposing a challenge to Stephanie McMahon, Kurt Angle instead made it a Mixed Tag Team match with Ronda by his side against RAW Commissioner and the COO of WWE.

In case you didn’t know…….

Ronda Rousey is a woman that WWE wants for the foreseeable future, someone is going to break Asuka’s never-ending ceaselessly expanding winning streak, and Ronda is the likeliest contender for that. Ronda will be booked as the Brock Lesnar of the Women’s division; Unstoppable, Ruthless, more appearances but Same Attitude, for that WWE wants Pre-Holm Ronda that teamed up with The Rock at Mania 31.

It’s clear that the match will not last longer than 12 or let’s say 15 minutes, most of which we will see Hunter and Angle, two veterans lightening the crowd. Ronda may be tagged in to end things in style, she will be fired up, furiously ruthless, full of aggression and showing the world why she’s the worst Woman on planet Earth.

And the match will end likely to the scenario mentioned above, both villains tapping in the middle of the ring giving ideal pose for news, pictures and video packages.

This was my type of breaking things down. Let me know if you like it with some suggestions and improvements. We are open for discussion always.

Have a Great Day. Spread Smile, Love, and Happiness.

WrestleMania 34 is going to be full of awesomeness. It’s true! It’s. Damn. True!

Take care of your beloved ones and Enjoy the Nature


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