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Wrestlemania 34 – Paul Heyman helping Roman to win, Mainevent Update & Latest Rumors

WRESTLEMANIA 34! With just a few hours away for the huge start of the showcase of immortals, we will break down some of the latest rumors and updates that we received as of now.

Which match will main event Wrestlemania 34? Why there is no ladder match? Which match will be the match of the night? Everything answered!

1. Wrestlemania 34’s Stage Design – Asuka’s mask

Every Wrestlemania is exceptional for its stage design and this year WWE came up with a huge set which has featured a mask. Which is similar to Asuka’s mask.

WWE has been promoting the Women’s revelation since 2016. As this is the Women’s revolution time, will WWE pull of a women’s match as the Wrestlemania main event?

Probably they won’t. The reason for highlighting Asuka’s mask will be for symbolizing her dominance or her potential victory against Charlotte. This can also be a simple part of design language, but WWE hasn’t opened their mouth yet.

2. CM Punk Return is a Pipebomb

This always has been the hottest and greatest question of WWE’s New Era, “Will Cm Punk return”. Actually, there will be no better place than Wrestlemania to showcase the return of the straight edge, CM Punk.

Considering the beef between the company and Punk, this may not happen as you would expect it to be. CM Punk returning to WWE, will not happen this year at Wrestlemania 34. Therefore, pack up your CM Punk dreams.

3. Bobby Lashley returns as the partner of Braun Strowman

Bobby Lashley may return tonight at Wrestlemania as the tag-team partner of Braun Strowman. According to the latest rumors, Lashley has signed a secret contract with WWE and will be on the show soon.

While Braun Strowman hasn’t announced his partner yet, this can probably be Bobby Lashley. Who doesn’t want to see Bobby Lashley vs Braun Strowman at Wrestlemania next year?

4. Carmella to cash in

WWE is going to open the gates for Carmella’s career. Carmella who won the Women’s MITB briefcase hasn’t cashed in yet.

Rumors suggest that Carmella will make a move to RAW. This means it is ideal for her to cash it on Alexa Bliss vs Nia Jax’s match.


5. Paul Heyman to betray Brock Lesnar

Paul Heyman announced in last week’s Monday Night RAW that he and his client will leave WWE if Roman Reigns wins the Universal Championship. There is no chance for Brock Lesnar to retain that championship as Dana White from UFC already dropped the spoiler as Brock will return to UFC symbolically.

Roman Reigns is pretty bad at the mic, therefore, if someone like Paul Heyman manages him that would really be a career boost for Roman Reigns.

With that being said, if Paul Heyman to betray Brock just like how he did to CM Punk. Then Paul must be managing Reigns full time – with the schedule that he should appear on TV quite often. For this particular reason, WWE won’t pull the trigger.

6. John Cena vs The Undertaker

John Cena has been challenging the Undertaker since the day he lost at Fastlane 2018. But the Undertaker never replied him.

Without a buildup, WWE is pulling the trigger and we will see John Cena vs The Undertaker for sure at Wrestlemania 34. But unfortunately, this match won’t be too long as you’d expect it to be. A possible outcome would be Cena calling out Taker once again and the Deadman rises not as the Deadman but as the American Badass.

7. AJ retains

If you had a closer look at the card, there will only be new champions. Therefore, WWE may keep Styles as the champion but make the match longer and harder.

If Styles is about to retain, then Shinsuke Nakamura will win the title after Wrestlemania. WWE wants to see Shinsuke Nakamura as champion. Arguably, AJ Style is one of the most talented wrestlers in the currently in WWE. According to the point, they cannot compromise on AJ Styles too.

8. What will be the main event?

Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar, AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura and The Undertaker vs John Cena. Out of this three-match, only one will main event Wrestlemania 34.

Fans want Shinsuke Nakamura vs AJ Styles to main event Wrestlemania 34. But just like the past 3 years, Roman Reigns will main event Wrestlemania.

That’s what we got an update. You can also watch Wrestlemania Live by clicking here!


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