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5 Reasons Why People Hate Roman Reigns and Boo him?

Why People Hate Roman Reigns and Boo him?

You heard it- yes!! I too heard it. The ‘f*ck you Roman’ chants that booed, pissed and scared him at the Raw after Wrestlemania 33. It was so loud and still they were some of the loudest chants that I ever witnessed.


Leati Joseph Anoa’I aka Roman Reigns, the former member of the outstanding Shield, 3 time WWE Champion, 2015 Royal Rumble winner, Main evented three Wrestlemanias back to back and managed to win two of three and also the former Intercontinental Champion of WWE. Currently performing under RAW, it’s true that he is one of the most hated wrestlers in Wrestling entertainment. But Why? Here are the most possible reason why people hate him.

5. Mic Skills

One of the drawbacks of Roman is that his mic skills is not up-to the mark. He doesn’t needs to be Wyatt on Mic, it would be ideal at least he should be able to speak the promo he was supposed to. On a section of RAW, Roman would call out John Cena to cut a promo where Roman completely blacked out and John stepped forward to save him and his promo.

It’s important for a guy like Roman Reigns to work out more to develop his Mic skills. If he doesn’t or WWE doesn’t care about his Mic skills, rest belongs to history.

4. Limited Set of Moves.

If you compare the moves that Cesaro and AJ Styles perform, that will blow your mind. Moves don’t favor him like mic skills do.The set of moves that Reigns uses are limited. Like Spear, Superman Punch and Samoan Drop… We have seen this before and still WWE forces us to see the old damn shit. Even Reigns wears the same old costume since the day he debuted which makes him dull.

Up to now I have never seen Reigns performing a submission move, which would be ideal to a wrestler to perform. And even John Cena performed four attitude adjustments, Reigns performed his Spear twice and pinned him with ease. This is may be one of the reasons why people boo him.

3. Being the guy.

Vince McMahon is dumb, and we know it. While he didn’t use The Best in the World , CM Punk properly at least he could have not favored wrestler like Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns is not that bad, actually he does his part well and is hardworking.

The character and push that WWE ordered him was the culprit. The Guy should be heel, instead he is face. The Guy should be hardworking, be responsible and stay for while to get the charisma, the attention to main event the greatest stage of all time and to win championships. The Push was transparent, therefore the hate is also transparent.

2. Not Turning Heel.

Roman Reigns was fantastic when he was performing as heel, during his NXT season. His rocky and cocky attitude towards other wrestlers during when he was heel was the manure to gain lots of fans. But this is was too short, until Vince implemented the John Cena feel to Reigns, only to get some hardcore hatred and boo.

Hall of Famer, Stone Cold Steve Austin even mentioned that Roman must turn heel in order to get thing backed up and running in his podcasts. This could be the second most reason why Roman is hated this much.

1. 2015 Rumble and Follow ups.

2014 – 2015 were the year of the YES MAN, Daniel Bryan. People wanted him to win the Rumble but that never happened as of now. Batista winning 2014 Royal Rumble generated a lot of buzz which lead WWE to push Daniel Bryan to win the mainevent later at Wrestlemania. But the same stuff happened the following year too, 2015.

Regins somehow manages to win the Rumble while he is not yet established like Daniel Bryan. Even The Rock got boo-ed because of Reigns winning the Rumble. This was the main reason why I feel people hat e Roman the most. This didn’t end here. He managed to defeat The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, which brought him so much of hatred again.

But something we should consider is that Reigns was carrying that match. Prior to his match at Mania, Undertaker had severe pain following a hip injury. Apparently, Reigns is not the one who we should hate. We should be complaining WWE for not using him properly and trying to implement fishy tricky plans.

Therefore, these are the reasons why people Boo and Hate Roman Reigns, what to do you think? Roman Reigns deserves the boo ?

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