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Fit At 53: 5 Unforgettable Moments of The Undertaker


Best Undertaker Moments

Most awaited match of WrestleMania 34 is on the way of its build up. Yeah, we’re talking about The Phenom vs The Leader of Cenation.

The Undertaker was supposed to be retired after WrestleMania 33 where he lost against Roman Reigns but guess what. He is back, better than ever he had been!! Literally, he is back and scheduled to fight at Show of Immortals, Wrestlemania 34.

Today we are briefing five finest moments of The Undertaker’s an almost 28 years old odyssey. A legendary run as WWE Superstar, The Undertaker, Phenom, Deadman, Big Evil, Satan, Icon, and the Greatest wrestler of all time aka most respected wrestler in all sports entertainment.

The Undertaker has given us an uncountable number of moments throughout these 28 years.Here are just some of the memorable ones.


5. End of An Era


After facing Shawn Michaels at previous consecutive Wrestlemanias, The Undertaker would go on to face Michael’s best friend Triple H at next two.

The Undertaker pulled the victory in the first bout. But was helped to be back at his feet while the hunter was able to walk on his own. A submission victory wasn’t enough for Taker so he asked for a rematch.

Hunter turned upped the stakes of the match with making it Hell in a cell and Show Stopper as Guest Referee. Both the wrestlers tore each other during the brawl and an Extrafantabulous moment where The Undertaker caught in Sweet chin music into Pedigree after, but still was able to kick out. At the end Taker once again emerged as victorious extending his streak unbelievable 20-0 streak., in a “Wrestlemania Moment” for which will remain for ages.

The three legends walked up the ramp together, signifying the “End of an era…” Michaels was retired, Undertaker and Triple H never wrestled a full-time schedule again.



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4. The Streak

Wrestling is a risky business where people suffer from various injuries and only few can extend their careers beyond a span of 20 years and then there’s a superstar. The Undertaker who alone has 21 consecutive Wrestlemania victories to his name.

Starting with Jimmy Snuka and ending with CM Punk, it was never “Who’s takers opponent for Wrestlemania?”. It was “Who’s going to be victimized by Taker at Wrestlemania?”

Till Lesnar broke the streak at WrestleMania 30. The match ended but, Lesnar’s music was played after several minutes as the footage featured the most shocking reactions of the crowd. Taker managed to stand up with 21-1 above him. The moment that will ever stay in our hearts. The streak may Rest in Peace bt the Record of straight 21 wins will always be always alive.



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3. The Deadman arises.

At 2003 Survivors series Kane, half-brother of Undertaker buried him alive. The Brawl was Taker vs Vince McMahon buried alive. Kane interfered and really killed the Undertaker because the buried one was American Badass and returned one was The Deadman!!

With his manager Paul Bearer. No one could ever forget an iconic entrance at Royal Rumble 2006. The horse-drawn carriage, the beams of lightning spraying out from Undertaker’s fingertips. You just can imagine the intensity and awesomeness behind that entrance.


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Honorable mentions –

1. Batman Making his way through the air at Survivors Series 1996.
2. Judgment day 2000, Hunter vs Brahma Bull Iron man match. Where American Badass returned and cleared The Game’s D generation X members.


In 1998 The Undertaker faced Mankind ( Mick Foley ) in Hell in A Cell match, making it the most extreme match of WWE. HIAC matches mostly brawls outside the cage or else inside likewise Taker and Mankind would go to the top of the Cell and Taker just threw Mankind from the top!

Who landed on a table beneath and we witnessed announcer Jim Ross’ utter his most famous quote: “AS GOD AS MY WITNESS, HE IS BROKEN IN HALF…”.

The match made Mick Foley King of Hardcore matches whereas taker was seen to be a ruthless superstar.
Choke slamming through the cell was another Mankind-Taker moment we should never forget.



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1. Retirement Hint

The ending of an iconic career shouldn’t be the greatest moment of his career. But Taker, as usual, found to be an exception.

After his loss to Roman Reigns, he slowly walked to the middle of the ring and took off his gloves, hat, and coat in an indifferent manner. He walked out of the ring, kissed his wife resulting break-in his character and kayfabe and walked up the ramp. Giving one last fist to the sky to not only the fans live, but to the millions watching around the world.

An hour after the event ended, as crews were tearing down the Wrestlemania set, the Undertaker’s “remains” still were in the middle of the ring, being the last items removed as a sign of respect for the Dead Man.

The story of the match was interesting as Reigns was shown as a bully beating up helpless old man forcing to retire. Unlike fondly remembered recent retirement matches, like when Shawn Michaels retired Ric Flair, or when The Undertaker retired Michaels, Reigns showed no sympathy and no regret.

Deadman, Phenom, Ruthless Superstar, Acrobat Walking on Rope and the Devil Undertaker was retired in a brutal manner the same he fought against his competitors.

A way emotional scenario for all the WWE fans. Entire Arena was on its feet chanting his name and thanking him for what he gave to Wrestling. Taker’s Retirement was Ruthless, the same way Taker used to fight his opponents and took hell outta them.


So these are some sorted moments from The Undertaker’s lustrous career, one of the most decorated superstars of all time. You can give us moments you think should’ve been on the list.

Let’s Hope The Undertaker would return to face off John Cena Cena for one last time.

The Undertaker-The name that always will be there even if WWE falls down, the name that will always be the sign of respect and success. The Name that made our childhood awesome. The Name that gave us goosebumps, sometimes Nightmares too. Mark Callaway the man behind that character who always has been The Undertaker and will always be known as The Undertaker.

Have a great day. Spread Smile and Love. Let your sadness Rest in Peace. Keep supporting us and take a bow to Demon of Death Valley…


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