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UFC News: Ray Borg’s tough week

Just couple weeks after getting injured by Conor McGregor; Ray Borg find himself in a tough situation again.

With his infant son Anthony in the hospital with seizures. This week he got more bad news: his former team and management still continuing their lawsuit against him.

Wild Bunch Management, which is run by the Fit NHB team’s Tom Vaughn, filed a lawsuit against Borg in February for fraud, breach of contract and stolen trade secrets, among other things, MMA Fighting confirmed Borg’s attorney Jason Bowles told MMA Fighting that the suit was just recently re-filed and he is planning a response.

Wild Bunch is claiming that they had a three-year contract with Borg for training, promotion, management and arranging fights and in exchange, Borg promised to pay Wild Bunch 20 percent of his in-cage earnings totaling $9,999 or less and 10 percent of any bonuses exceeding $10,000.

Borg had a five-fight deal with the team and he severed ties unexpectedly and without any notice after the first fight. Borg denied paying the gym the percentage he owed for rest of the fights.

“I think what’s going on has Ray switched gyms, he wanted to be successful,” Bowles said. “He did become successful. And they don’t have a claim to that income, based on his trying to better himself. I know they want the money. That gym doesn’t do as well as JacksonWink, so they’re gonna want to take from fighters that do pretty well.”

“I don’t see a claim,” Bowles said. “I see a reach with this one. … I don’t think there was a solid contract like they’re saying. But we’re gonna have to vet that out.”


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