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WWE is rushing, rumors speculate that they will be focusing on Raw more than PPVs. Therefore, in this article, we’ll be telling you about the top 5 wrestlers that deserve a big push.

5. Dolph Ziggler

Nicholas Theodore Nemete better known by his in-ring name Dolph Ziggler is currently signed by WWE and is working on underworld wrestling entertainment’s brand SmackDown Live. Dolph Ziggler has been working for world wrestling entertainment for a long long time now.

He is a two-time world wrestling entertainment heavyweight champion. A two-time world wrestling entertainment United States Champion and A Five-Time WWE Intercontinental Champion. He is nearly a grand slam champion, Only If world wrestling entertainment counts spirit squad tag title win. Admit it or not but the fact is that Dolph Ziggler can do anything. Yes. I repeat, Anything. He has even proved it.

World Wrestling Entertainment is making him work like a jobber. They still have a chance to make him look like a dominant guy on the roster. If WWE puts him in heavyweight title pic, He’ll make it look better and more prestigious. In my opinion, They should do it as fast as they can.

4. Rusev

Miroslav Barnyashev better known by his in-ring name Rusev is currently signed by world wrestling entertainment under the SmackDown Live brand. The Bulgarian brute Rusev has been working for WWE for a long time as a Wrestler. He has been in stables like league of nations, which included The Bad News Barret, The Celtic Warrior Sheamus, The Mexican Aristocrat Alberto Del Rio and The Bulgarian Brute himself.

That stable didn’t work for a long time and as per it’s time, Rusev couldn’t do much then. Though Rusev won United States Championship but didn’t have it for a long time. Even though Rusev is being put in Championship matches as per his merchandise sells, still it’s not what he actually deserves. WWE made him Defeat the flying goat also known as the fan’s favorite Daniel Bryan. It was such a shocking thing for the viewers. Hope WWE gives him a huge push. It would not only help The Bulgarian Brute Rusev but also world wrestling entertainment.

3. Samoa Joe

Nuufolau Joel Seanoa better known by his in-ring name Samoa Joe is contemporaneously working for WWE and he is currently on WWE’s brand SmackDown Live. Samoa Joe has wrestled all over the world and has nearly dominated in every company he went to. He even dominated in World Wrestling Entertainment’s developmental territory also known as NXT.

Also, in the first 2 months of his world wrestling entertainment’s career, When he assaulted The Undisputed Future of World Wrestling Entertainment, The Architect Seth Rollins and helped The King of Kings Triple h. But after having an individual feud with The Man Seth Rollins and The Guy Roman reigns, his push got off.

He was just having regular and normal matches. Then, we saw a ray of sun when he got into the Universal Championship picture and started a feud against the beast incarnate Brock Lesnar. He even lost there and has been losing his big matches from there. He has dominated everywhere, and he has those bones to be on top. World Wrestling Entertainment should think immense about The Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe.

2.Finn Balor

Fergal Devitt better known by his in-ring names Prince Devitt and Finn Balor (It is currently being used by him in WWE) is currently signed by WWE and is working for WWE’s flagship show Monday Night Raw. Finn Balor is a famous name in World Wrestling Entertainment and in Indie promotions as well. His character is probably the best character of this Era. Not only in world wrestling entertainment but also in some other promotions.

He pretends to have two sides. One is normal and cares about others and listens to everyone and is funny too. Another one is a Dark side, Who does what it wants to do.

When Finn made his World Wrestling Entertainment main roster debut, He Defeated The Guy Roman Reigns and it was pretty impressive. He became the first ever Universal Champion by defeating the man Seth Rollins. World Wrestling Entertainment was booking him in an amazing way. But he had to relinquish his Championship as He had a shoulder injury.

WWE could have continued his push by giving him a rematch at it. But they didn’t even do it. Then he went to fight normal matches and last months he fought Miz and Seth Rollins at The Grandest stage of them all WrestleMania. Everyone expected him to win, but he didn’t. Then, in the Superstar shake-up(2) he was supposed to go in SmackDown Live and challenge AJ Styles, It would’ve been and can be a good feud in future, but it didn’t happen then. Finn is currently having nothing big. World Wrestling Entertainment should push a blast character/Wrestler like him, He’d give a good outcome.

5. Sami Zayn

Rami Sebei also known as Sami Zayn and El Generico is a professional wrestler who is currently signed by world wrestling entertainment under their flagship show Monday Night Raw. Sami Zayn or should I say El Generico was famous even before putting his feet in WWE.

Sami is a tremendous wrestler, simply heart stealing and If we’re talking about push, then we gotta talk about the underdog from the underground.

When Sami Zayn won the NXT Championship viewers and fans thought that his career is gonna be awesome on the main roster but it actually didn’t happen and was disappointing. He got an injury and after his return, he got into the Intercontinental Championship rivalry and was involved in the ladder match at WrestleMania 32.

Later, he said that his main focus was on The prizefighter Kevin Owens and that was one of the reasons why he couldn’t capture the championship then. He was involved in Intercontinental Championship matches for nearly two months. Then he faced Owens several times. Currently, he is working along with his buddy and sometimes enemy the prizefighter Kevin Owens on World Wrestling Entertainment’s Flagship show Monday night Raw. If WWE doesn’t give him a push in the upcoming months, his career would die at least in world wrestling entertainment. Earlier, fans used to support him and found him interesting but now he is coming up to be a boring guy.

Thanks, that’s all from me. Let us know the dream matches you wanna see. Drop them in the comment section.


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