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Charlotte is the best female Professional Wrestler in world wrestling entertainment and probably in the entire world right now. She was destined to be a star, and she veritably is. You’re gonna read about her career and Top 5 reasons why people love her.

Ashley Elizabeth Filehr is an American professional wrestler currently signed by world wrestling entertainment under the SmackDown brand. She is the daughter of A two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair. Charlotte Flair used to appear on the screen alongside her Father Ric Flair. After the death of her brother Reid Flair, Charlotte Flair took a stalwart resolution to become a professional wrestler as a tribute and accolade to her brother Reid Flair. She started it off in 2012.

In those Six years, she has won more titles than anyone else. The speed that made her do these things was her brother’s dream. In, 2014 she became the NXT women’s champion. She won the Divas Championship on Monday night raw defeating Nikki Bella. At WrestleMania 32 she Defeated The Boss Sasha banks and her own best friend The Irish lass kicker Becky Lynch. After Brand split she was drafted to The flagship show of world wrestling entertainment, Monday night raw. But after the Superstar shakeup(1), She was taken to The land of opportunities SmackDown live.

Where she became The Women’s champion And retained her Championship by Defeating the empress of tomorrow and breaking her streak. The match was probably the best match of WrestleMania 34. Simply, “Charlotte was ready for Asuka”.

5. Character/Gimmick

Charlotte Flair Character

When Charlotte was in World Wrestling Entertainment’s developmental territory She didn’t have the identical gimmick. She is currently playing her “Queen Gimmick”.

Whether she is heel or face, The Queen Character suits her. It’s like, She was destined to play the character. And Earlier she used to weak normal ring attire, But In recent years, She completely changed it, Adopting her father’s attire. She is like a queen who can go from being loyal to be a backstabber.

4. Move set

GIF Charlotte Flairs Finisher - People Like it?

Charlotte Flair is increasing her move set day by day, minute by minute and second by second. Natural Selection, Also known as Bow down to the Queen is one of best move, and also the finisher. She adopted her father’s move, Figure Four Leg Lock, and its updated version Figure Eight Leg Lock.

They probably are the best and most dangerous Submission moves in Women’s revolution. The Genetically Superior Athlete also uses Moves like Spear, Moonsault, knife-edge chop, Running Jumping knee drop and ETC.

3. Charisma

Charlotte Charisma

Whether you hate her or love her but you got to accept that she is the most charismatic diva in world wrestling entertainment right now. Whenever she plays a role in any storyline, she makes it a five-star thing.

Probably, she got this gift from her birth. The whole point of a queen is to be original and does it. When she had a Rivalry with the Hart dungeon diva also known as Natalya, Charlotte played her character with charisma. And it was probably the best Rivalry of her career. Dean Ambrose invited Natalya and Charlotte on Ambrose Asylum and Had a great promo. After the show, Dean Ambrose personally told her that he hasn’t seen a diva like her before.

2. Dedication and Effort

Charlotte Dedication

The thing I personally like the most about Charlotte Flair is this, Even if she loses a match, she would give a hundred and one percent in every single match of her. A queen is someone who never loses heart, so does Charlotte and that’s why she is the queen of world wrestling entertainment.

She has probably been in every big moment of the Women’s division. Just like Ironwoman match, Main eventing raw after a decade, and many more moments. Most for her matches are toe to toe ones.

1. Mic Skills

GIF Charlotte-Flair-Mic-Skills

Charlotte Flair is undoubtedly the best female mic worker in world wrestling entertainment right now. When it comes to cut promos, no one is better than her in the female division, though The Queen of harts Natalya ain’t bad at cutting promos,

Even though she is tremendous but can’t beat the second nature, Charlotte Flair. Asuka can’t talk in English as much as others, she is way bad at English, still, Charlotte appreciated her and Made the promo look nice. She is not only good at cutting her own promos but also supports others.

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