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Titus O’ Neal’s Slide into Relevancy

Last Friday at GRR we saw Titus falling flat on to his face while running towards the ring. Titus is currently used as a filler for Raw events, along with Apollo Crews and Dana Brooke. He is barely used in “This is Awesome” moments and big moments that can change the picture of his career.

This unfortunate botch was shown over and over and it was dubbed “the Greatest Royal Rumble moment.”

Tonight on Raw we saw a lot of Titus than we ever saw. He helped No Way Jose to pick up the victory against Baron Corbin. The unfortunate, botch made Titus relevant.

He got new merch people were exited to see him this is a good thing that happened to Titus.

Some might say Titus Slide into Relevancy. And yes he did.


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