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The Rock vs Roman Reigns changed to Rock vs AJ Styles

Past couple of weeks it has been heavily rumored and teased by dirt sheets that Saudi Arabia has requested the Rock to appear as the champ next year April.

Dwayne Johnson is a busy man with so many movies on hand plus wrestling is not his passion. If something goes wrong, his Hollywood career will also be affected because of this. This is the main reason why Rock is not wrestling anymore. There could also be a reason that Rock earns more in Hollywood, but the rumoured amount of 20 million blows away everything.

It is rumored that Roman will face The Rock at Wrestlemania 35, but this remains a question. While the potential SHIELD reunion seems to be broken apart soon, Roman might be facing his fellow brothers at Wrestlemania 35.

Logically speaking, The Rock might enter Royal Rumble 2019, win it and then challenge AJ Styles for WWE Champion which itself can be a blockbuster main event. While both of the Royal Rumble winners after the draft are being featured on SD Live’s mania promotion, next year could be the same.


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