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Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe: Backlash 2018 Final Prediction (Last Minute Preview)

Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe.

It’s an interesting matchup actually. Samoa Joe pointed his finger towards both Cena and Reigns before he was caught by an injury. Now he’s healed and is in perfect shape.

He showed up on Raw post Mania and went straight away through Roman Reigns challenging him for a match at Backlash in the process.

Now, Joe has been traded to the SDLive courtesy of Superstar shakeup, making it another SD vs Raw match for the night. On the other hand, the Big Dog is suffering from a bad period. He lost rumble but went on to win Elimination Chamber just to lose his matchup at rejected Wrestlemania main event. Brock Lesnar pinned Reigns after 6th F5, in process credibility of one of the disastrous finisher went to vain. Then we saw Reigns getting a rematch at GRR., where he ended losing again but with a controversial decision this time.

Roman Reigns would be looking for a moral victory at least. Whereas Joe will get a push in SD where he may be injected into WWE championship feud. Joe will be looking for a momentum towards it.

I think Roman will win but WWE can (and they must) plan Reigns to lose in case if they want to turn him heel. They can hold the losing plan for Roman, let him spit out his frustration on Raw Roster and make him what he and WWE Universe deserve…

Prediction:- The Big Dog pins Samoan Submission Machine.

Probably this match would be the Main Event of Backlash as Part Timer will not show up at the event.


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