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Roman Reigns wins Universal Championship – Summerslam 2018 Mainevent Breakdown

What if I told you, the Summerslam main event was just a 6 minutes combat? Yes, it was. Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar went head to head yesterday night, and the Big Dog made history by ending the 500+ days Brock’s title reign and winning the Universal Championship.

Braun Strowman came out before the match and said he will face his opponent straight rather than wrecking him on the back as usual Money in the Bank holders do. While Storwman gets down and the referee rings the bell, Roman started his assault by delivering 3 Spears and 3 Superman punches. While we thought that this match is a squash Lesnar came up with Kimura lock and went down to beat Reigns with combination moves. Lesnar was unable to hit his finisher and launched Reigns right into Strowman.

Brock would continue to beat down Storwman and threw his briefcase off the ringside. When Brock enters the ring, Roman with a wicked spear to end the Universal Championship reign of Brock Lesnar.

What we get is a clean victory by the Roman Empire. I am not exactly sure what is next for Lesnar, he might just focus on MMA or else have his rematch at Survivor Series. Moreover, Storwman still has his Money in the Bank contract. Let’s only hope that Roman Reigns will be a better full-time champ


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