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Roman Reigns relinquishes WWE Universal Championship because of Leukemia

Roman Reigns is a superstar who is currently in his prime. With main-eventing Wrestlemania 4 times back to back and winning it 2 twice, Reigns revealed his real-life battle where he has been confronting cancer for over 11 years.

Yesterday night Roman Reigns kicked off the show with his traumatic story and relinquished the title. Roman Reigns deserve our respect and should deserve our prayers too.

Because of Roman’s departure, The Universal Championship match at Crown Jewel will only be a singles match but there is also the hype of adding Drew McIntyre into the picture.

From SportsFast, we wish Roman Reigns to defy all odds and get back to ring as soon as possible.


Sidenote: Moreover, this was one of the best promos Roman has ever delivered till date. WWE should allow wrestlers to do their own promos instead of keeping them under a script.


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