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Daniel Bryan vs Big Cass: Backlash 2018 Last Minute Prediction

Daniel Bryan vs Big Cass

The moment we were waiting for over 3 years. Daniel Bryan returned from his retirement which was forced by his Injury back in 2015. After his return, we’ve seen him teaming with Fearless Mcmahon securing victory over Kami Zaens.

We’ve seen him breaking the record of longest time spent in a rumble match previously held by Rey Mysterio, after his fantabulous performance at GRR he’s ready to take on returning Big Cass. Big Cass was involved in a feud with his former best friend and tag team partner Enzo Amore. He was injured during one of their matchups and now he’s back.

Enzo, due to his mischievous and unbearable behavior has been fired from WWE. So what to do with Cass? Yeah great plan, let him do the job of putting Bryan over the crowd once again.

Big Cass vs Daniel Bryan as of now I can see two Scenarios because Cass is returning and he needs a momentum. Bryan did a hell of a job at GRR but his face and needs a victory over bad man. Big Cass won’t or will (I’m not sure) tap out to Yes! Lock.

One thing is crystal clear they’re gonna have a long time feud. I think Bryan will win and Cass will attack him after the match is ended.

Prediction:- Daniel Bryan wins.


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