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Carmella successfully cashes in: New Smackdown Women’s Champion – SD 10/04

Carmella successfully cashed in

After their iconic match at Wrestlemania, Charlotte Flair ended the streak of Asuka. Charlotte Flair came out and thanked Asuka for helping her to work harder than ever. While Charlotte is making here statements, The Iconic Due makes their mainstream debut into Smackdown Live.

Billie Kay and Peyton Royce came out and mocked Charlotte Flair. Charlotte had enough and launched the attack, only to get exhausted. The Iconic Duo beat the hell out of Charlotte in their debut. While the Iconic Duo finished their assault, Miss. Money in the Bank’s music hits.

Here comes Carmella with a referee to cash in already broken Charlotte. Carmella cashes in the title, bell rings, Fabulous Kick by Carmella. That’s it Carmella defeated exhausted Charlotte Flair clean and flair, and she is the new SD Women’s Champion.

After almost a year not cashing in, lastly, WWE allowed her to cash in. It is now time for Carmella’s time to shine with the Women’s Championship.


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