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Brock Lesnar betrays Paul Heyman – 5 Future Forecasts

Yesterday night (30th July 2018) was an important Raw event for entire WWE Universe. Since Paul Heyman joined forces with Brock Lesnar, as his manager, the chemistry between them was excellent and almost everyone who watches WWE can agree with us.

GIF Brock Lesnar F5 Kurt Angle

When the beast incarnate broke the one of the greatest streak of Pro Wrestling, The Streak of the Deadman, the reaction what Paul Heyman gave is still viral and widely used around the world as a GIF. With that being set, Brock Lesnar has symbolically left Heyman behind his career.

What happened?

The incident happened when RAW was about to go off the air. Later that night, Kurt Angle warned Paul Heyman that Brock Lesnar must show up today if not his contract will be terminated. Paul Heyman tried his best to convince the beast where he eventually failed. As the final segment of the Raw, Heyman fails to bring Brock to the show, which eventually led Kurt to announce that his contract has been terminated. Heyman lays down and begs Kurt to not to and try to convince him stating that Brock is not a good champion.

Luckily or Unluckily for Heyman though, Brock Lesnar came up delivered and stunning F5 to the general manager, constable ran away and Heyman was strangled by Brock Lesnar. Raw goes off the air with Heyman and Kurt Angle couching down unconsciously in the middle of the ring.


Summerslam 2018 Poster

Brock has symbolically left Heyman behind his shadows and Heyman will no longer have the same business relationship with Brock like he used to. Here are the 5 things that could befall in the future.

1. Roman Reigns defeats Brock Lesnar

Roman Reigns is having one more chance to face the beast at Summerslam for that vermilion title. Roman Reigns has considerably lost many Pay Per View matches since last year, hence it is senseless to say that WWE is pushing him. Roman Reigns is one of the best what WWE had got in their roster.

At Summerslam 2018, there is a high potentiality of Reigns defeating Brock Lesnar and becoming the new Universal Champion. Which will lead to Brock’s departure and Heyman’s hiatus.

2. Paul Heyman helps Roman.

Paul Heyman helps roman reigns

Paul Heyman has helped Brock in few matches. Who can remember the style how Paul Heyman betrayed Cm Punk in a ladder match? Well, this could happen again at this year’s Summerslam.

Summerslam 2018 can feature Paul Heyman betraying Brock Lesnar and helping Roman Reigns to take the victory. Well, time will tell if Paul will betray Brock Lesnar, the clue will be a No Disqualification match stipulation announcement.

3. Brock retains

Lesnar vs Roman

The Beast is no doubt but is one of the most brutal and talented wrestlers in Pro Wrestling industry. Brock Lesnar holds the fame for breaking a streak which was considered as “never to be broken”.

Lesnar is also having a match at UFC, where he will face Daniel Cormier. If Lesnar does win the championship there as well as successfully defended his title. Lesnar will be making history by holding two championships from different sporting sections.

You know WWE is so focused on making new history, therefore, they might pull the trigger and make Brock retain the championship.

2. Heyman joins Braun Strowman

Paul Heyman jonis Braun Strowman

Currently, Braun Strowman holds the Money in the Bank briefcase. Which he could cash in at any time he wants. Paul Heyman can be a good addition to Braun Strowman’s career.

If Heyman helps Braun Strowman to cash in during the match, or else after the match, Paul Heyman will be officially managing the monster among men.

1. CM Punk returns

Summerslam 2018

Cm Punk was awful at UFC. He had his two matches, which was utter trash. Punk will be the best addition and is the best option for WWE to revive the viewership which it is losing.

Yesterday, when Brock was chocking Paul Heyman, the Miami crowd went crazy and chanted with “CM PUNK” chants. Who hates to see CM Punk returning and makes his reunion with Paul Heyman when Lesnar tries to kill Paul after the Summerslam 2018’s mainevent saga.

Besides all imagination, the last one presumably won’t happen after how CM Punk got screwed by WWE. However, the return of the best in the world would be the best moment ever to witness as a wrestling fan.


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