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BREAKING NEWS: Kevin Owens responds to the open challenge of Seth Rollins

Former Universal Champion, Kevin Owens responded to Seth Rollins open challenge for this Monday in London. The Intercontinental Champion has now become the ultimate fighting champion and is now issuing open challenges every week. Likewise, Rollins tweeted that he will issue an open challenge this Monday, and Kevin Owens responded to the challenge.

Kevin Owens, the former two-time Intercontinental Champion accepted the open challenge and will face Rollins this Monday for the Intercontinental Championship. Owens questioned mocked Rollins as

“You call yourself an architect for 3 years, so you build things and you burn them down?”

Kevin Owens joined Monday Night Raw as a result of losing to the team of Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon at Wrestlemania. Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins had a rivalry back in the day (2016).

Likewise, this is a better opponent to for Rollins to prove that he is the “Fighting Champion”.

UPDATE: Seth Rollins replied to Kevin Owens as “Cool, KO. I’m Gonna beat you”.


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