WWE News: Big Show kicks off Wrestlemania week – Wrestlemania 34 Stage Design

Wrestlemania 34 is just 6 days away and true Pro Wrestling fans are eagerly waiting for Wrestlemania. Wrestlemania is WWE’s flagship event, so WWE invests in superior and colorful stage designs. Here are the latest updates that we were able to get.

Big Show kicks of Wrestlemania Week

Usually Wrestlemania week is kicked off by someone special ringing the opening Bell. This year it was The Big Show who kicked off Wrestlemania week by ringing the opening of Bell at NYSE.

WWE tweeted :

This suggests that Big Show has a major part to do in Wrestlemania 34, also Big Show is the one who inducted Mark Henry according to WWE’s recent tweets.

Wrestlemania 34 Stage Design

Wrestlemania is well known for spectacular stage designs, with my favourite being Wrestlemania 32. Last year it was the Roller coaster design which highlighted a long ramp, making it hard for Wrestlers like The Undertaker to skip almost half of the ramp.

The finished stage design is not yet officially tweeted by WWE, but we got the stage’s blue print aka the sketch.

According to this leaked blue print, WWE may combine the Wrestlemania 33’s entry oval and Wrestlemania 32’s star design. We do not have enough sources for this sketch but will update soon.


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