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Conor McGregor’s Status Update

What’s the update?

Dana White softened up for Conor McGregor after the UFC 223 attack and the Featherweight Champion wasn’t too happy about it.

“I think yeah (he crossed the line). How many times can you let the guy get away with things? I don’t think he meant to break the bus with the dolly, it looked like he was shocked that he broke it. Because I saw him pick up a metal trash can, put it down, then threw a plastic trash can, instead,” said Holloway in a recent interview with The MMA Hour.

UFC 223 card drastically affected last minute due to McGregor’s action and he hadn’t faced any repercussions from the UFC.

After turning himself in and making bail the next day, McGregor is now scheduled to return to New York in June for a court hearing. If all goes well for the Irishman, don’t be surprised to see the former two-division champion inside the Octagon sooner rather than later.


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