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UEFA Champions League Latest Updates – FOOTBALL WEEK


Manchester City, Juventus Fc And Real Madrid has been qualified for the UEFA Champions League with the aggregate score of

Man City 5 – 2 Fc Basel
Real Madrid 5 – 2 PSG
Juventus 4 – 3 Tottenham

Manchester City defeated Fc Basel Via 5-2 Aggregate.

Manchester City Lost In the second leg but as the aggregate score they qualified for Quarter Finals of UEFA champions league.

This was the first lose of man city in their home since the last 15 months.

On the other hand Real Madrid defeated PSG with the aggregate score of 5-2 . In which Ronaldo scored 3 goals in both leagues and proved that Why he is still the best. Neymar wasn’t present in that match. He is only focused on the world cup 2018 plus he has suffered injury.

Juventus Defeated Tottenham hotspurs with an aggregate score of 4-3. They gave a tough challenge to Juventus. The first league was drawn via 2-2 Score In the second league Higuain And Dybala performed well. Both teams scored 1 goal each and got qualified for quarter finals of UEFA champions league.

Liverpool Also Qualified for Quarter finals As they defeated FC PORTO in the first league of champions league with a huge margin of 5-0. But in the second league none of the two teams scored a single goal. As per the aggregate score Liverpool qualified for champions league quarter final.

Congratulations to Mohommad Salah for becoming Premier league player of the month!

There Are still 4 Matches left between;

Manchester United vs Sevilla( Aggregate 0-0)

Besiktas vs Bayern Munich (Aggregate 0-5)

Chelsea Vs Barcelona ( Aggregate 1-1)

As Roma Vs Shaktar Donestek ( Aggregate 0-2)

That’s for the Football Week today, we will update you if there is more,




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