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UEFA Champions League – Quarter Finals of Surprises

Quarterfinals of surprises

These quarterfinals in Champions League were a big shock talking about the matches of Barcelona and Manchester City, who were supposed to be in the semi-finals by almost every fan.

At least every fan who hasn’t watch a match of Liverpool lately.

The biggest shock in the recent history of this competition was produced by AS Roma, who defeated Barcelona FC going up a 4-1 in the Camp Nou, and they won 3-0 to achieve this. Almost another shock was made by Juventus against Real Madrid in the Bernabeu.

And one boring match in the Allianz Arena that involved FC Bayern and Sevilla FC completed this round. But let´s talk about each game more deeply.

Manchester City 1-2 Liverpool

After winning 3-0 in Anfield, Liverpool had everything to pass to semi-finals but they started the game with some problems due to the doubtful goal of Gabriel Jesus, which came from a fault made by Sterling to Van Dijk. The first half was totally controlled by the Citizens until the second goal came to the match but the referee annulled it. So the game continued 1-0 until the second half.

Before the end of the first half, Guardiola was suspended from the match due to the way of complaining to the referee he had.

In the second half, the teams were more matched and this situation provoked Salah´s goal in the 55’. Then Firmino ends the match putting the second goal for Liverpool in the 76th minute.
AS Roma 3-0 FC Barcelona

In this match, the biggest shock was produced. After the match, it was almost sure that Barcelona was going to be in the semi-finals but as the match went by we saw the goals from Dzeko (6’), De Rossi form the penalty (58’) and Manolas (82’) and the comeback was done.

The most incredible thing was to see the match and Barcelona did deserve to lose and they never did anything to change the result. Roma deserved to go on to the semi-finals and that was what happened. Not even Messi could stop this result.

Real Madrid 1-3 Juventus

The match started with an early goal from Juventus, Mandzukic (2’). The incredible thing was that Real Madrid was attacking the entire match but they didn´t do any goal in the first half, and “Los Bianconeros” scored again, Mandzukic (37’).

And after several occasions from both teams, we arrived at the half-time.

In the second half, apparently Real Madrid was more into the match but Matuidi, after a mistake made by Keylor Navas scored the 0-3, Matuidi (60’). The match was going to the extension but the unthinkable happened in the 93 minute, a doubtful penalty for many people was indicated by the referee. Lucas Vázquez was pulled down by Benatia.

At that moment, Buffon freak out and went until the referee position to make him change that decision. As a result, Buffon was expelled from the match and Szczesny came out from Higuain to replace him. Cristiano scored the penalty and the game end like that. “Los Blancos” are in the semi-finals.
FC Bayern 0-0 Sevilla FC

The unexpected happened and a match that should be a mess and with lots of goals was a boring match without almost any good thing to mention. At least for Bayern.

Sevilla FC made an impression this champions making an impressive entry to the quarterfinals but they couldn´t make a good match in the Pizjuán and they couldn´t make it to the semi-finals.

Bayern knew how to counter Sevilla’s good impressions but they couldn’t do it properly and only with two own goals, they reached the semi-finals.

My prediction for the Semi-finals:

Liverpool vs AS Roma- AS Roma vs Liverpool

The two teams that were unexpected to be in semi-finals, they could have a beautiful match in which the two of them can win. Liverpool has more experience than Roma in this competition but the actual teams are really similar, everything can happen.

FC Bayern vs Real Madrid- Real Madrid vs FC Bayern

A classic in the Champions League. With their last matches, it´s too difficult to know if one of them is stronger than the other right now. But, as it´s a classic would be incredible to see which one of them can reach the final after these matches.


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