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The reason why Cristiano Ronaldo’s shirt is missing from Lionel Messi’s collection.

Just a month ago, one of the football’s greatest star Leo Messi showcased his shirt collection, which notably, he keeps them in a separate special room made for that purpose only.

As you can expect, the collection had some of the best footballing names, ranging from his opponents to his idols which he long has succeeded in achievements.

Among the notable absentees from the five times balloon d’Or winner’s collection were his teammates like Iniesta, Xavi, and even more, Ronaldinho: the person who passed the torched and helped Messi establish at Barcelona, the club they both play for together.

Now among all of these names, people were quick to notice the biggest name missing from the collection: Cristiano Ronaldo! The only other person who has achieved feats as great as Leo Messi a vice versa.

When asked about the missing names from the collection, Messi was quick to respond that he doesn’t go very keen on exchanging his shirt with anyone after the match, which is probably understood for any player of his caliber. He was seen quoting ” I usually don’t ask to exchange shirts with anyone if they are Argentinian then I will go talk to them and exchange my shirt with them, but otherwise I don’t ask anyone for their shirt”

The only exception to that is when Leo Messi asked Zinedine Zidane, the Real Madrid legend, despite the rivalry between the two respective clubs. ” Zidane was the only exception for me, as he is like a hero which I grew up watching”

Both Ronaldo and Messi have quoted that they don’t have any rivalry, they don’t dislike each other, they just inspire each other to be the best and for that, they respect each other.

Now it is to be noted that they are not enemies, they aren’t the best of friends either. While Leo Messi doesn’t ask for shirts, it’s understandable that a player of Ronaldo’s caliber don’t go asking for shirts either, which is the reason why Leo Messi’s collection is missing Ronaldo and vice versa.


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