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Football Report: Did Sergio Ramos injure Mohamed Salah intentonally? [ANSWERED]

Did Ramos injure Salah intentionally?

We all have a right to our own opinions but I see that many people are saying he did that devastating act on purpose because they know that Real Madrid is a team that has a big reputation when it comes to winning trophies and would do anything possible to get what they need.

Winning the Champions League is the only way that Real Madrid’s fans could brag and say that they did not have a bad season because they won, probably the most magnificent silver wear in the world. The competition that every European team is fighting to qualify for, to put their name on the map of soccer.

Zinedine Zidane their coach is a born winner he won many trophies when he was playing for Real Madrid and is still winning while is the coach. Injuring Liverpool’s star player (Salah) might have been his plan all along because he knew that it would destroy the other player’s mindset and they wouldn’t be positive about winning the cup because their star player is gone. So basically his plan was to cut off the head of the chicken and they were playing against a headless chicken which was easy to beat.

They were making some silly mistakes which cost them a lot. They are many people who think that it was on purpose because on that day it wasn’t only Liverpool fans that were supporting them to win but also Barcelona fans and some other premier league teams fans who wanted the cup to finally come to England except Manchester United. So obviously the majority says that it was on purpose

The other side says that no it was not on purpose that it was not Ramose’s fault, that it was Salah who held on to Ramos to prevent him from falling which also forced Ramos to stumble upon him and broke his arm by “MISTAKE”

There are two sides to the story but there actually is no solid proof for what really happened the only people that know what really happened during that moment his Ramos and Salah


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