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Mesut Ozil takes revenge on Stoke Police with an cheeky tweet

Last weekend, Arsenal played stoke city at the Emirates which resulted in Arsenal winning by 3-0 with Arsenal taking all the points home.

The world-class star German midfielder, Ozil, who was one of the best performers on the pitch, just yesterday took a dig at the stoke city police for something that goes way back in months.

Timing is everything in world football, and it couldn’t be any less true for Ozil, who waited six months to get his revenge on the stoke city police with a tweet mentioned below :

Now, this goes back six months when Arsenal played stoke city at the stadium of lights, which notably stoke city won which resulted in one arsenal fan writing to stoke city as a joke that he would like to report a robbery that arsenal was robbed of three points. To which the stoke city replied that they were looking for a missing man named Mesut Özil.

Six months to get a perfect revenge, well-done Mesut!


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