Football Update : Neymar Back at Barcelona?

Neymar Back At Barcelona

Recently Ivan Rakitic said that he wants Neymar back in Barcelona and Phillipe Coutinho said that it would ben “ Awesome” to have neymar back in Barcelona.

Neymar left Barcelona to join French Club Paris Saint germain (PSG) last year in August. Neymar is one of the most Expensive Footballers in the world right now and also he is one of the influenctial footballer.

Although Neymar is recovering from his broken leg Phillipe Coutinho said “I am thinking as Rakitic does, I would like to have here the best players and Neymar is one of them,” said fellow Brazil International Coutinho, who arrived from Liverpool in January.

“I am playing alongside him with Brazil and it’s a privilege. It would be awesome to have him back.”

Lets See What is Neymar’s next step


— Uday Singh


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