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Football News: Spanish Side to punish Bayern Munich?

The German side Bayern Munich overcame the odds at Sevilla (Spain) by a devastating 2-1 win other the Spanish side Sevilla.

But the question is regardless of Bayern’s poor performance on Tuesday in Spain could they possibly be punished next week by Sevilla?

Bayern Munich currently hold the advantage in their champions league Quarterfinals against Sevilla after a 2-1 win. Nevertheless, German side really has to improve from the way they played Sevilla on Tuesday. In order for them to go all the way in the competition.

The Bavarians had to come from a goal down and recover from a mistake on the first half to edge the Spanish club. The way in which Sevilla played on Tuesday they might be a treat to Bayern Munich next week.

The Munich coach Heynckes also added that if they want to win the champions league then they must constantly improve and up their game.

In the first half of the game, Sevilla showed clearly that they did deserve to be in the last eight of the champions league game regardless of the way they played, they are hugely talented to say, a good fighting spirit with mentality.

In case you didn’t know….

The victory of Bayern also meant that their current coach Heynckes who will leave the team at the end of the season. He extended his competition record with 12 straight wins.

Bayern has consecutively won all 4 of their home games in the champions league this season. Conceding just one goal which we won Sevilla is involved.

I noticed with a controversial eye that the Munich defender Boateng deserved to be rewarded a penalty in the first half of the game. He added that his side would take nothing for granted.

The Bayern winger Franck Ribery added they should not think for a moment that they are through to the semi-finals. Sevilla played very very good and fantastic football and for Bayern. It was extremely important to win in Spain.

He also added that they were badly organized after the opening 10 minutes of the game and they did not combine well.

But Bayern Munich is heading to their home stadium next week. Which is also a fact that they have a home advantage to win the game. They need to improve to play well at home better than Tuesday.

Wow!! Also, an amazing victory from Bayern because they are the first German team to record a victory at Sevilla. Which extended their champions league winning run with seven consecutive matches.

They are also chasing a treble of titles this season has to be at position number 1 at the Bundesliga. They can also wrap up their first silverware if they win at Augsburg in the league on Saturday.


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