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Football News: Arsenal to face Atletico Madrid in Europa League

Friday the 13th, some find it true some a myth, but most of the Arsenal fans are definitely cursing it on as they have been drawn against Atletico Madrid in the Europa League semifinals.

Arsenal, who were performing poorly in the premier league, suddenly found a change in form when it came to performing in the Europa League, something that was missing since a long time.

To many fans, this seems like a last-ditch effort from Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger to save this season from collapsing as Arsenal came in 6th last season and missed out on the Champions League, something that was consistently in since 20 years.

This season wasn’t that different either, with Arsenal performing poor in the league and most likely to miss out on top four spots, winning the Europa League seems to be the only way to not only be back in the champions league but to once again prove that they are a formidable team in England.

To some fans, this is another “bad luck” as usual, some blaming the authorities that it’s all rigged and that they have been getting such opponents every year, and it’s all to keep them from UCL, while many optimistic fans claimed that they have no excuses but to perform great when it comes to facing Madrid. “To be the best, you have to beat the best” exclaimed many, claiming that they would have to defeat Atletico sooner or later.

In another draw, an inform Salzburg will face Marseille and the winner will face Arsenal or Atletico in the finals! For more football news, stay tuned at


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