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Antoine Griezman making a Move to FC Barcelona?

Antoine Griezmann to FC Barcelona?

Rumors have been circulating around for some time now about the possibility of Antoine Griezmann making a move to FC Barcelona. Atlético Madrid coach, Diego Simeone has been questioned time and time again about the situation with Griezmann.

Diego Simeone has had open talks with Griezmann with hopes that they can persuade the French footballer to remain at the club. Diego Simeone doesn’t like the topic about Griezmann’s future at the club because he believes that all the gossip and pressure will soon have a negative effect on his work on the pitch.

Griezmann had his ‘not so good’ moments this season and this has had a negative effect on the team in general. A big factor to this is the media putting him in the spotlight and putting him under a lot of pressure. The club is determined to keep him focused towards his football.

A move to Barcelona for the French footballer has been one of footballs hottest topics as of late and it doesn’t seem like it will be happening in the upcoming transfer window. Diego Simeone has requested Barca not to have any approaches and/or offers for Antoine Griezmann because they believe this would persuade him into not having his full commitment to the Spanish side and have a negative effect to the team and Griezmann himself. They have said that they may not approach him unless if he feels that he would love to make a move.

Barcelona has been promised by Simeone that they would be the first to know if the French forward would be interested in moving.


Despite Simeone’s request. It would seem unlikely for Griezmann to be interested in joining FC Barcelona at the moment due to the fact that Barca has signed Phillipe Coutinho and a role for Griezmann at the club is something he would most probably be worried about.

Another reason is that Griezmann has a big role at Atlético Madrid and has put himself in the position of possibly being Messi and Ronaldo’s competition, seeing that the two have been on top in football for the past few years. Him joining Barcelona would ruin his chance at showcasing his individual skills seeing that he would be with Messi in the same team.

The spotlight would be shared amongst the two forwards and Griezmann would not have the chance to become an individual competitor for Messi and Ronaldo.

We will keep you updated and please comment on what you think is best for Griezmann at the moment?



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