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The Top 5 Most Favorite Players to Win Orange Cap at IPL 2018


The hottest and greatest cricket league that happens ever year is almost here! Yeah am talking about Indian Premier League (IPL). In this article I have predicted who will win the Orange Cap this year also I have discussed about Which Team Will Win IPL 2018 Trophy. You can check that out too. Let’s get started with this article…

What is Orange Cap ?

Orange Cap is an annual cricket award presented to the extra-ordinary and most run scorer in the Indian Premier League. It was introduced on 25 April 2008, a week after the starting of the first season of the IPL. The batsman with most runs in the tournament during the course of the season would wear the Orange Cap while fielding, with the overall most run scorer at the deduction of the tournament winning the actual Orange Cap award on the day of the season’s final match.

Then the IPL chairman and commissioner Mr.Lalit Modi said ’bout this initiative, Cricket is mostly remembered and recorded statistics and not by stuffstar dissimilarities. The Indian Premier League will create a distinction for the batsman who performs the best and scores the most runs in the entire tournament will be delighted and valued by each and every player through this ambitious award.

The first player to wear the orange cap was none other the Mr. Fantastic Brendon Mccullum. And the first one to win that award was Shaun Marsh. That’s enough history about the IPL Orange Cap!

1. David Warner

Yep, The Captain of Sun-risers will once again be a hard contender to win the orange cap in IPL 2018. He has also won the orange cap twice in previous 3 seasons of IPL. David Warner was about to score seven hundred runs in the previous season but he couldn’t do it. Still he made it up to 641.In 2016 Sunrisers’ Captain David Warner made 848 runs.And this is why he is in this list.

2. Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma the captain of Mumbai Indians has made his team Mumbai Indians to win three IPL trophies during his time as captain of the team but has never won the Orange Cap in the past ten seasons. Even though,he has been in the top 5 list a few times but he has never achieved that award. It seems like in this season Rohit Sharma will go and achieve the Orange Cap and will add it to his list of Indian Premier League awards & achievements.


Yes,The king of IPL is in the list as always. He is the one of the best Batsman in IPL history and now he is back with his original team Chennai Super Kings and he is going enter this year’s IPL as a hard and favorite contender to win the orange cap. Just Like Rohit Sharma, Suresh Rania has never ever won the Orange cap but still is the best.In last 10 seasons we didn’t see him winning it but in season 11 he may win.

4 .Virat Kholi

As we saw that Virat Kohli the so called Captian of Royal Challengers Bangalore and team India itself lost the orange cap to David Warner the previous year. He will be looking for breaking all the records. Therefore, he will not only be after winning The Orange Cap but also The IPL title this year in the last 10 seasons we didn’t see them winning IPL title but they are supposed to do so.

5. Robin Uthappa

The Hero of Kolkata Knight Riders is still in the list. Probably he is the guy with the most consistency. He sees, waits, prepares and then blasts. And he has also won the orange cap on 2014, and according to me he is going to reclaim it back home and he is gonna win what belongs to him.

That’s for this article, hope you guys enjoyed it! If yes, let me know in the comments section!

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