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IPL 2018: Top 5 Favorite Bowlers to Win Purple Cap


IPL 2018 is on its way, therefore it is now time for guessing the missing things. Let’s start and find out who will hold the purple cap this year.

What is Purple Cap?

The Purple Cap is an annual cricket award given to the player with most number of wickets in Indian Premier League. After the introduction of Orange Cap on 25 April 2008, the Indian Premier League announced the introduction of the Purple Cap on 13 May 2008.

The player with most number of wickets in the season would wear the Purple Cap while fielding, with the overall most number of wicket-taker at the cessation of the season winning the actual Purple Cap award on the day of the tournament’s final.

In case of a tie, the bowler with better economy rate would be awarded the Purple Cap, which is acceptable. After IPL chairman and commissioner Lalit Modi said of the initiative, “We have seen over the course of the initial season of the League so far that bowlers have just as major a role to play in winning T20 matches as batsmen do”.

Now, Let’s have a look on the Top 5 most Favorite Players to win the Purple Cap in IPL 2018.



Imran Thahir CSK 2018

Imran Tahir is a South African bowler. He is best in beating the hell out of batsmen especially in T20 matches. He is an experienced player in this business and he is currently the best T20 Bowler.

In the last 2 years, his performance wasn’t that great. People expected something more from him but he couldn’t make their wishes come true.

This year he will be playing for the most decorated team of all time Chennai Super Kings. The place where opportunities are given to everybody. So he has a tremendous chance to do a blast. Even His Spin would help him to hook out wickets in Indian pitches. Wherever he plays, he does it like a key player. So, He is obviously a hard contender to win the Purple cap in Indian Premier League 2018.

4. Yuzvendra Chahal

Chahal IPL 2018

The tweaker is the leading wicket-taker for Royal Challengers Bangalore for a pretty long time now. He is again retained by Royal Challengers Banglore.

He is just nearly missing the purple cap for the last two years In these two years, he has been in the fight on of a major bowler. He has been working harder and harder but he is failing to win the ‘Purple Cap’. Perhaps he wins the IPL Purple Cap this time. However, he is a solid contender to win the Purple Cap in Indian Premier League 2018.

3. Bhuvneshvar Kumar

Kumar Ipl 2018

Bhuvneshwar Kumar was retained by Sunrisers Hyderabad in the starting of Indian Premier League auction. It was a tremendous choice made by the franchise because he is not only the best bowler of Team Sunrisers Hyderabad but also of the best bowler of Indian cricket team.

His swing confuses the batsman and makes him the best. He has won The Purple Cap twice same as The Big Dog Dwayne Bravo But Bhuvneshwar Kumar won the purple cap twice in a row. And that really means a lot. Not only to him but also to us.

He has so far taken 111 wickets in 90 matches also he is the 6th highest wicket-taker in the Indian premier league history. He would be looking forward to reclaiming what belongs to him. fans would be happy to see him winning the title for the third time in a row.

2. Kuldeep Yadav

Kuldeep Yadav ipl 2018

T20 Cricket has seen a lot of mystery bowlers. Left-arm Chinaman bowler Kuldeep is one of them. He was retained by Kolkata Knight Riders in the starting of IPL auction in Rs. 5.8 crores.

He took a lot of wickets in last 2 seasons. He even dismissed Legends. But he is not consistent with Kolkata Knight Riders. Many of legends and best Batsman have failed to understand wrist mystery balls properly. Kuldeep Yadav has an advantage. He surely would be on the top bowler list in the upcoming season and also can be in the first place if he shows up consistency.

1. Dwayne Bravo

In the upcoming season of Indian premier league, we would get to see Dwayne Bravo back in Yellow Jersey. Yes, Chennai Super Kings. The most decorated team in the Indian Premier League got back their best guy Dwayne Bravo.
He has won the Purple Cap twice before for Chennai Super Kings.

He is a medium bowler and the main thing people live ’bout him is he can probably stop any Batsman. He took 122 wickets in 106 matches totally and he also took 32 wickets in Indian premier league 2013. Highest for an individual in a season. We would love to see him winning the purple cap once again.

Therefore, that is it guys. According to me this players have the highest chance of winning the Purple Cap in IPL 2018. Do you have anyone that I have missed to mention? Let me know in the commnets section!


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