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IPL 2018 : Match 37- MI vs KKR Preview

It is time for Super Sunday and we have 2 very important matches as the teams from top 4 will face the teams from bottom 4. The teams from bottom 4 will look to make their way into the top 4 and the teams from top 4 will look to take their lead to a comfortable position. We have 2 exciting matchups with the Rajasthan Royal facing against the Kings XI Punjab and the Mumbai Indians will go against the Kolkata Knight Riders. We will have a look at the MI V KKR match-up.

KKR and MI are one of the few rivalries where people are very much excited. But unlike other rivalries, this one is pretty one-sided. The Head-to-head record of these teams in 21 matches is 16- Mumbai Indians and 5- Kolkata Knight Riders. This 16-5 record can play a mental factor in this match-up as this leaves the KKR team to have something to prove in today’s match-up. KKR had a good start to the tournament as they were winning more often than not, on the other hand, Mumbai had a total opposite start having lost most of their matches.

KKR will look to solidify their position in top 4 as they have 2 back to back matches with MI. Similarly, Mumbai Indians have a golden opportunity while facing against KKR as in-case they beat KKR in the upcoming clashes they can pull KKR down and make their case stronger. I have started gaining momentum as they have won 2 of their last 3 matches and they need to win 5 out of 5 matches to qualify for the playoffs.

Final thoughts…

The KKR bowling has lost them their matches as in the Pace department no one apart from the U-19 Pace Sensation has looked threatening. While Russell isn’t completing his quota of overs and Johnson nowhere near his top form, KKR may look to bring some changes in the bowling department.

Mumbai has more or less found a stable side with their batting lineup consisting of players who can bat till No.8 position, which is a pretty deep batting line-up. The Pandya Brothers as well have started getting in their top form, with Surya looking dangerous at the top, MI just need to calm themselves and get on a winning streak.

That’s it for today, as we are getting closer and closer to the playoffs and the tournament certainly looking to get more exciting. Leave your thoughts and opinion in the comment section below.


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