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CSK vs MI: Bravo man-handles Mumbai Indians – CSK wins by 1 wicket on hand!


This year IPL started off with a blast just like how it starts every year. This IPL is non-other than CSK return to the show, and CSK retained their gold, MS Dhoni.

As expected, the first match was favorable for Chennai Super Kings, not because of everyone or the conditions, it was because of the one and only man, Bravo. Chennai won the toss and chose to field first and was good at balling until some hard hitters like Pandya entered the pitch. Suryakumar was tremendous today and with his partnership with Kishan.

Mumbai Indians started off slowly but gained momentum afterward. We expected a lot from Rohit Sharma, but even him as captain departed the stadium with fewer runs on the board. On the other hand, CSK bowlers were good but I would suggest that the bowlers were not selected properly. Jadeja who is well known for his tremendous bowling only bowled an over. But notable player again, Bravo who had a good balling figure!
Mumbai was able to score 165 out of the box, with 166 needed to win the match, CSK entered the field.

What happened…

Last ball of the first innings!

CSK started was really very good, only because of the man Rayudu. Rayudu started off the innings with some boundaries but later the boundary rust was prominent after some wickets out of nowhere.
Raina went without even crossing 10 runs line which was very disappointing to me. MS Dhoni entered the pitch after the third wicket, but even he didn’t wish his team the win. Dhoni departs with an LBW.

With just 3 wickets on hand, CSK marched towards the 17th Over. 49 runs needed from 23 balls, which was achievable if a batsman like Raina and Rayudu were still on strike, but Bravo is still here! With just Jadhav and Bravo on the side of the banks, CSK struggled a lot and then on the 17th over the 8th wicket falls down.

Bravo was the one and only chance that CSK had to win this match and he never failed to deliver his charm. Bravo smashed back to back sixes in the 18th over making it 34 runs needed in just 15 deliveries. Again and again, it was Bravo’s game, on the 19th over, Bravo kicked off it by smashing two huge sixes.

Bravo clearing house!

7 needed from 7

While it’s just 7 needed from 7, Bravo tries to hit it harder but fails. Here we go, finally Mumbai Indians screw the one and only key that CSK had. Bravo gone with 68 runs. 7 needed from 6 and Jadhav wastes a ball.
The tremendous and nervous situation for both teams brought goosebumps. 7 need from 5, and again Jadhav wastes a ball. It is ridiculous to see how games changes in Cricket, unlike other sports. 7 needed from 4, and nothing to repeat Jadhav again wastes a ball.

7 needed from 3

Jadhav fires up with a 6-six. No one expected this from Jadhav. Scores the level – one needed from two balls. Will it be a Super Over? One wicket left – one run needed!
The twist and the long turns with short panorama – this match felt like final in every bit and the last over was exceptional. Starting from the first ball, taking Bravo out and let’s see what we are up for,
Jadhav hits it hard, Chennai Super King roars the win against Mumbai Indians with just 1 wicket on hand. Excellent start to the tournament – one of the best way to kick off an show. Anyways the hero of the show is none other than Bravo!


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